NeatLyrics Launches The Next Generation Music Database

NeatLyrics has just launched the next generation of music lyric websites.

Online PR News – 19-August-2019 – Tel Aviv, Israel – NeatLyrics has just launched the next generation of music lyric websites. This site is focused on becoming the largest single resource for music lyrics online and with the strong team of tech-minded music lovers behind it, the site is getting a lot of attention.

Music is a passion of many. It helps to set the mood, bring back memories of childhood and can heal physical and mental wounds. When looking for music, there are those that really want to get into the heart and soul of songs. This is where NeatLyrics will play a major role. is dedicated to offering a wide variety of song lyrics from music artists of today as well as from artists long since gone. It lives up to its name by offering a wide variety from obscure songs that you may have never heard of to more modern-day lyrics written by top producing artists in today's market.

When visiting the website, you are presented with a clean and user friendly interface. The catalog of artists is categorized alphabetically and easy to search. The results found are well formatted, easy to read as well as in plain text that can be copied into a text document for personal review.

Compared to other music lyric websites this new song lyrics site stands out in several ways. First is that they offer tens of thousands of songs where others may only have a select few or are focused on a specific style of music. One of their goals is to supply the largest clutter-free surfing environment and doesn't have ad banners, flashy animations or other material that may distract visitors.

Finally, it's clear that the team has a love for music. This is a trait that not often found in other music lyric sites. The feeling of professionalism in the search capabilities and the results received makes this music lyric website a standout new resource.

When searching music lyric web sites, the goal of many is to find their artists and favorite song lyrics quickly and efficiently. This is accomplished nicely on The music industry as a whole is constantly growing and new songs are added to the site on a regular basis which really makes results fresh and relevant.

Established in 2019, NeatLyrics has a small staff dedicated to updating and maintaining the website. New song lyrics are added to the site frequently and the staff is easily contacted through their website,, or social media for requests for songs and artists that may not have been added yet.

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