Visible Strategies Launches Privacy Personal Tech Column; Personal Privacy Under Attack by Apps

Visible Strategies is launching a new column, Privacy, Personal Tech & Security. Apps are siphoning our personal information even in the middle of the night.

Online PR News – 11-August-2019 – Atlanta, GA – Visible Strategies is launching a new column entitled "Privacy, Personal Tech and Security." "Our focus is helping people know how to better protect their personal privacy," says Margaret S Ross, CEO of Atlanta firm, Visible Strategies LLC

Those most capable of developing technology have proven to be least capable of protecting people's privacy and security from that technology. - Margaret S. Ross

This week's column "Your Apps Are Watching You 24/7" includes test results from an iPhone security audit. Audit's findings revealed that Apps were not only tracking and siphoning personal information when the phone was in use but also when the phone was on the charger or turned off in the middle of the night. "This data heist was all happening without offering the phone's owner an easy way to "Opt-Out" at any time," adds Ross

"We are excited to create and share easy-to-do self-protection suggestions for our Visible Strategy readers," says Margaret Ross. "It seems like every day there's a new threat to personal information and a new breach of business and banking databases that are spilling millions of pieces of private information to strangers and thieves. If we choose to; we can take charge of some personal privacy by making a few changes." The column's future articles will include applied privacy protection tips, breaking news on privacy and the developments in big tech in the Internet Security Industry."

Visible Strategies, founded in 2001, is digital agency and a full-service business and education consulting group. The firm applies visible thinking Strategies to grow businesses and help deliver more to the business' bottom line.

About Columnist Margaret Ross's. Margaret is author of Making Business Work and the Good Finder Book Series. Margaret Ross's leadership is evident in her clients' business results and the many public speaking engagements she leads annually. As a national Conference speaker for the American Marketing Association, U.S. Army, the Conference Board, National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT) and the Direct Marketing Association. Margaret's message responds to ever-changing technology and the business and cultural challenges facing every company and educational organization

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