Juliana Neto Graces Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

The Contemporary Art Fair played host to a retinue of delegates, among who were popular socialite, Ms. Juliana Cristina Neto.

Online PR News – 09-August-2019 – November 24, 2015 – Shanghai, China. – It was a spectacular display of glitz and glamour in the world of arts and culture at the recently concluded Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, which held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The three day event which began on the 20th of November and spanned through to the 22nd witnessed the presence of several distinguished guests and members of the arts and culture society. One of the prominent attendees included Ms. Juliana Cristina Neto, Resident Director for Asian Art at the prestigious Tang Contemporary Art Gallery in Hong Kong.
Ms. Neto who attended the event in the company of her husband, Mr. Francisco Leitao, a famous Macau lawyer was extremely delighted at the exhibition. "It was really such a lovely experience seeing some of the grand pieces exhibited today, and I'm so thrilled to be able to watch how art forms have evolved over the last few decades," she said. "There are definitely a lot of people to watch out for and keep an eye out for, when you consider the passion and intensity behind their art forms. In Hong Kong where I work at the Contemporary Art Gallery, we always want to be able to collaborate with other artists and exhibitors in showing their work back home, and I'm leaving with more than a few contacts who we can expect to showcase at the earliest opportunity we get."
On his part, Mr. Francisco Leitao commented, "Art is such a beautiful thing, and watching the different expressions of creativity people bring to the table in pursuing their work is no doubt a very delighting experience for everyone concerned. I can honestly say it's been one of the best weeks of my life this year."
The Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair is an annual exhibition of some of the finest works of arts and masterpieces created by some of the brightest minds to dominate the art scene and has seen several leading figures grace its stage. This year's event was specifically designed to identify a similarity in thematic approaches and styles between the works of the masters and several of the young generation if contemporary artists who dot the landscape of Asian art. Featuring exhibitors from more than a dozen countries, it was no doubt one of the most creative editions to ever hold, leaving attendees and guests like Ms. Juliana Cristina Neto eager and expectant for next year's event.