Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries employs new staff at head office.

Online PR News – 09-August-2019 – January 15, 1995 – Hong Kong City, Hong Kong. – Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries is proud to announce and welcome Ms. Gabriela Hantke Paiva as a Legal Associate with the Corporate Department. Within this role, Ms. Paiva will provide strategic support and legal counsel to advance the organizations progress as well as conduct research, develop litigation strategies and represent clients of the firm in court.
She joins the JNV team straight out from Hiroshima University Law School, after holding a successful teaching appointment there. Ms. Paiva was a dedicated member of faculty who brought an uncommon dedication to her students and the general university populace during her stay at the University. She was influential in the reviewing of several aspects of the curriculum there and was a well liked and respected lecturer and academic staff. It is without doubt that some of the skill sets she honed and developed during her teaching career have become the foundation for her employment at Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries.
Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers is one of the largest and most renowned firms in Macau, with a strong reputation for proactive problem solving. The firm boasts of a large and experienced team of multilingual lawyers and private notaries that provide high quality legal services and advice clients on a wide range of matters. As a member of the Miranda Alliance, an international association of law firms across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, the firm has access to a wide pool of international expertise in multiple jurisdictions.
"I am really excited about the opportunity to work with such a first class law firm like Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries just after my education. I was attracted by the quality of top talent they have on board and I am delighted with the chances I will get to be able to shadow and understudy some of the partners here," Paiva said. "I believe that such a good start will help me grow into one of the absolute best, as can be expected of legal associates with JNV.
Ms. Paiva joins Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries after a recent move to Hong Kong that only just occurred after her separation from her husband, famous Brazilian artiste, Mr. Ernesto Neto. In addition to her legal qualifications, Ms. Paiva has extensive experience in contracting and consulting with Japanese law, as well as being a fluent speaker of several other languages.
For more information, please contact the public relations team of Jorge Neto Valente Lawyers and Notaries via telephone on 344-56740-37789.