LaBird - Unique Product Designed to Balance Your Body & Mind

•Niche product designed to inspire a calm and mindful lifestyle
•A creative game to practice mindfulness
•Perfect gift for meditation lover & Yogi

Online PR News – 08-August-2019 – 7 Aug 2019 / Hong Kong – UNIQUE & CREATIVE WAY TO PRACTICE MINDFULNESS

We all know practising mindfulness is good for our body & mind, it helps improve creativity, productivity, and health in general.

Being mindful might seemingly easy for some people, but some might find it boring just to sit still and watching their own breaths.

LaBird is a unique type of personal object designed to inspire a balanced & mindful living in a playful way!

LaBird symbolizes freedom and the courage to search for true happiness. They invite you to give a moment to calm down, aware of your senses, and regain balance within your body and mind through simple stacking game.

The faceted design is crafted to enable 100+ ways to balance 3 LaBirds, with practice and a calm mind, you can find balance possibilities more than you thought.

LaBird just launched on KickStarter with Early Bird offers until 15Aug!