JTSpas Launches All New Advanced Bathing Systems for the UK Audience

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Online PR News – 03-August-2019 – Larne – Larne, (August 1st, 2019) ― JTspas leads the UK bathing accessories industry since long. Their latest launches are symbolized by some easily customizable features that change the overall showering experience of the buyer. The electric showers, power showers, and quadrant shower systems are some of their latest launches in the market.
Electric Shower Systems
If you're one of those that love smart showers, Jtspas has a great option for you in their electric showers. They have what it takes to address your long cherished wish to adjust the temperature even while taking a bath. Apart from a handful of luxury and styling options, their bathing products are bound to serve you with all advanced functionalities. However, you must decide on whether the automated shower systems are capable of helping you in adjusting the desired water flow, temperature, and pressure. You may change your overall showering experience in the direction you want it to be.
Power Showers
It's been a dream that every UK household cherished when it comes to customize the temperature and pressure of water inside the bathroom. JTspas has introduced the most advanced toiletry features in the recent times. Apart from adjusting the shower temperature, you may even gain an easy access to the controls of your shower system. The brand name has largely been associated with some of the most cost-effective and versatile options that meet all industry standards. If you don't want others to make alterations to your settings, you may even start using the Triton Thermostatic. For those of that are eager to use multiple settings for extra comfort, this is an appropriate system with a chrome finish.
Quadrant Shower Systems
The size options that you have with the Quadrant shower enclosure are easily distinguishable. You're bound to enjoy a great showering option with these 1000mm enclosures. The sliding door, frameless style, and cleanliness of this unit add more to its beauty. You're likely to feel proud when you incorporate it within the bathroom. There's a safety glass that protects the detachable tray; you won't find it tough to clean it. JTspas gets synonymous with a package of user-friendly features and a futuristic design.