Night Creatures - sleep training made fun!

Virtual Escapes AS are pleased to announce the launch of Night Creatures, a children's sleep training application for iPhone and Android.

Online PR News – 02-August-2019 – FREI – Night Creatures make bedtime more fun and help to teach kids when it's ok to get up in the morning so parents can get a good night's sleep, it's available now on:
Apple App Store
Google Play
Amazon App Store

"As the parents of three year-old twins, we have a deep appreciation of the value of sleep. We built Night
Creatures in the hope of changing the sleep habits of two very early risers. And it's worked!"
- The developers.

Sleep deprivation is a contributing factor to both maternal and paternal mental health as well as the
well-being of children, so anything that can be helpful in gaining some much needed extra sleep each
night can be an absolute life-saver for many parents.
The basic concept of the app can be easily understood even by very young children: if the night creature
is asleep, they should be too.

Setting up the app is extremely easy. Parents set the clock's sunrise time and then the child simply touches
the screen to put their favourite night creature to sleep for the night.
The animal will stay asleep until the chosen time encouraging them to stay in bed too. Allowing children
to choose a bed time companion also naturally becomes part of a comforting bedtime ritual.

There are a variety of sleep training clocks you can buy in stores that are, frankly overpriced, provide
minimal interaction for children and are very limited in their visual appeal. Night Creatures is available
at a fraction of the cost and comes with a selection of animals to choose from. Additionally, it will continue
to be enhanced with new night creatures and themes in the future to keep children engaged with the app.

Night Creatures works on most devices, even obsolete models, is completely ad-free, and doesn't use
WiFi or an internet connection, providing additional peace of mind because it's completely secure.

Developed by Virtual Escapes
Virtual Escapes AS, founded in Norway at the start of 2019, is a startup with big ambitions.
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