Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, announced the launch of novel makeup blender sponge with SofSilk™ Microfibrillar Technology.

Online PR News – 29-July-2019 – Singapore – Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals (, a pharmaceutical engineering and dermatologist-led cosmeceutical research company, announced the launch of their material science arm, focusing on novel biomaterials for skin applications. This department is headed by Iuna V. Tsyrulneva, a Ukrainian research scientist with a PhD in Material Science, as well as Mr Teo Zhi Liang, a chemical engineer with a First Class Honours in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, specialising in Pharmaceutical Engineering, from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The first product launched in this biomaterials series is a makeup sponge, shaped like the popular beauty blenders but with a novel surface modification to revolutionise makeup application.

In the development of this novel product, the scientific engineering team consulted with leading makeup artists to produce an all-in-one ideal foundation tool with the following properties:

1. Makeup sponge/blender + airbrushed finish
2. Versatile and works with both liquid/powder foundations
3. Antibacterial synthetic weave prevents growth of bacteria on makeup sponge

The launch features two distinctly shaped blenders, the SofSculptor™ Anti-Aging Blender and the SofSmooth™ Anti-Aging Blender. The SofSculptor™ Anti-Aging Blender has ergonomically designed angled sides for illuminating highlights and contours of the cheekbones as well as rounded sides for flawless blending. It can be used to contouring, bronzing and blush.

For use on sensitive skin, acne and ageing skin , the SofSmooth™ Blender is enhanced with the SofSilk™ Microfibrillar Technology which features antimicrobial microfibrillar fibres synthesised from hydrophilic polyurethane for contouring, bronzing, blush and loose setting powders. The SofSmooth™ Blender has a rounded, flat bottomed side to blend large areas of the face for a buildable natural airbrushed coverage and dewdrop tip for undereye concealer and coverage of redness around the nose. The ultra-fine microfibrils are finer than the diameter of a strand of silk and has antibacterial properties. It is also able to attach to the finest makeup particles. The SofSculptor™ is ergonomically designed with angled sides for illuminating highlights, contours of the cheekbones and rounded sides for flawless blending.

How are the SofSmooth™ and SofSculptor™ makeup blenders different from the commercially available ones?

Instagram friendly airbrushed effect to outdo your old beauty blender. Conserves and concentrates both liquid and powder foundation to even out irregular skin pigmentation, blot out blemishes without the cakiness but with full, even coverage.

The makeup sponge has been designed to have antimicrobial properties compared to traditional makeup sponges. For optimal antibacterial effects, wash sponge weekly in lukewarm soapy Miel Honey™ Cleanser (work a pea sized amount to lather). SofSilk™ technology enables the sponge to be much more durable than traditional blenders with regular use. However, due to regular wear and exposure to the environment, for best results replace the makeup sponge every 1-3 months.