Taliban Hendrix MS13 goes over his first book and life as an independent artist Q&A's

Taliban Hendrix goes over his first book, life as an independent artist and what he hopes to see in the future of entertainment.

Online PR News – 26-July-2019 – San Francisco California – Prepared by Peter Kattegrasse: Taliban Hendrix MS13 owner of 304 Billion Records, hereinafter ("304 Billion"), located at Online, Multiple, California, 90210
Executive Summary
The purpose of this proposal is to forge a strategic relationship between 304 Billion and SWANGPRODUCTIONS to leverage the customer base for 304 Billion's newly developed product. The Business has developed a new Entertainment which has the following specifications and advantages over similar products in the industry: operated and maintained by "The Mafia" (Taliban Hendrix MS13) and is a subsiduary of a private registered llc also hold S-class 501(c)(3) status. This is an investment legally registered to Kyswan Hendrix Diggs which will be referred to as Taliban Hendrix MS13. Legally registered Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). The Business has a window of opportunity to introduce its products and gain a significant piece of the market share. The new product/service caters to a wide range of customers and is expected to hold a market share of 90%.
The Author Taliban Hendrix is proud to introduce"$304 Billion USD"- a swashbuckling biography that's set to hit bookstores everywhere. The multitalented author, actor, and musical artist is also a serial entrepreneur and has created a unique and edgy brand called the "MS13."
The book, '$304 Billion USD,' chronicles the compelling story of Taliban Hendrix and focuses on his life experiences on how he was made the Deity of MS13 and transitions to business owner by opening up the girst company ever to be known as "The Mafia." The book is chock full of interesting facts taken straight from the fascinating life of Taliban Hendrix. From his mother changing his last name from Diggs, which was his father's last name, to Hendrix to his encounters with various celebrities, the book is fast-paced and highly entertaining.
During the recent launch event, the author of the book said, "I felt confident, I worked with a great team of creators that made it easy. I will say that the first few weeks were brutal searching for publishers for my first book. But, I am glad that it all worked out in the end." A new book titled $304 Billion New Testament will be released "after market" in the fall.
Taliban Hendrix considers himself a humanitarian and loves recycling, leading a healthy lifestyle, and working with charities.
Q. Something people dont know about you?
A. Im an humanitarian. I love the recycling, leading a healthy lifestyle and working with charities.
Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?
A. Xbox or crushing on Instagram
Q. Who is your celebrity crush?
A. She was on Attack of the Show G4 channel
Q. Are you single?
A. No
Q. How would someone get your special attention?
A. I'm a people person there doesnt need to be some huge sacrifice to get my attention. If you want just yell "hey Key, fuck shit up!"
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