Be Present: Miage To Launch The First Waterless Luxury Skincare Line

Miage Reveals a Modern Category of Skincare Combining Human Stem Cell Science and Isotonic Absorption Technology.

Online PR News – 23-July-2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Miage introduces a luxury skincare line going where no water-based product line has gone before. Applying isotonic absorption technology, micro-molecule formulas, and human stem cell science to a proprietary La Milpa cactus-based solution, Miage products are able to melt deeper than low permeability water-based products, unlocking transformative stem cell healing, vibrancy, and nourishment at the cellular level.

Miage's regenerative nutrient formulas were designed to work in two important ways: first, by awakening and activating the dormant stem cells already in the body and secondly, by creating a natural environment for both new and established cells to receive a surge of transformative nutrients, proteins, and amino acids. Progressing beyond the concept of "anti-aging" and "turning back time," Miage is not only modern in its formulas, but also in its philosophy: skincare that embraces the present moment.

"In the last decade, scientific research revealed each of us has dormant stem cells, or 'potential regeneration cells,' already present in various organs in our bodies, including our largest organ: the skin. Once awakened, these skin stem cells are able to replace those damaged cells that cause our complexions to lose elasticity and luster," says Shirly Zeng, general manager of Miage. "By using an isotonic La Milpa cactus solution to replace the hypotonic deionized water typically used in skincare products, Miage products are able to match our own natural cell environment, allowing stem cells to come alive and thrive, without causing damage."

To begin, Miage will launch five isotonic skincare solutions:

* Invoke. The Night Cream.
* Manifest. The Day Lotion.
* Awakened. The Isotonic Eye Elixir.
* Clarity. The Purifying Wash.
* Bloom. La Milpa Lip Treatment.

"We believe Miage's intense cellular activation combined with its isotonic nutrient delivery will give way to an entirely new category of skincare, skincare that challenges us to stop looking to the past for our optimum complexion and 'be present,'" says Zeng.

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