GX Sciences™ Announces Global Partnership with GX Sciences Asia™

GX Sciences™ is excited to announce its new global partnership with GX Sciences Asia™.

Online PR News – 22-July-2019 – Austin, TX – GX Sciences™ is proud to announce the launch of GX Sciences Asia™ that will be located in Hong Kong, China. GX Sciences™ leverages 25+ years of clinical experience in the United States and we are looking forward to broadening and diversifying our work internationally. Our new global expansion enables GX Sciences™ to accelerate growth in the biotechnology / laboratory medical space.

Our purpose for this expansion is to promote the growth of genetic testing into the Asia market and to continue researching and exploring how personalized medicine can determine a patient's unique metabolic needs. We strive to take the "guesswork" out of complex biochemical pathways.

GX Sciences™ is excited to see the expansion of genetic testing into a new region and how nutrigenomics could positively impact the Asia Pacific community. With the GX Sciences™ proprietary software platform, SNP Genius™, and customized algorithm designed specifically for medical Providers, we are confident that the Asia market will embrace this new medical technology available to them and hope that we can provide both patients & Providers easy-to-use scientific information along with personalized nutrition.

"We at the GX Sciences Asia™ team are excited to partner with GX Sciences™ in the United States and are looking forward to integrating this genetic testing technology into countries such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Genetic testing is available everywhere, but the uniqueness of GX Sciences™ is their process of gene selection and understanding the genetic weaknesses of each individual. We are excited to help individuals through supplemental and lifestyle recommendations so that they are able to improve their body from within. This is what Ancient Chinese Medicine is all about: healing from within." - Christine Tam, Chief Executive Officer, GX Sciences Asia™.

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