Admissions open at Gyan Ganga International, the best boarding school in India

There are several reasons why parents choose to send their children to boarding school. Undoubtedly, the main driver of international families.

Online PR News – 22-July-2019 – Jabalpur – There are several reasons why parents choose to send their children to boarding school. Undoubtedly, the main driver for international families is to provide maximum educational opportunities to his child.

For those living in rural communities, their 'local' option can be at some distance from home, requiring many hours of travel a day. The same family of other states can trace the English language flow as the forerunner of other state education for their children.

Sending your child to a boarding school is not an easy decision. Leave financial commitment, then it can be a big attack on the heart.

However, there are many benefits to a boarding school that can have a life-long impact on a student's educational journey.

Here are Gyan Ganga's top 5 benefits to boarding school:

Sporting opportunities - Our boarding students love the sport. Gyan Ganga's excellent facilities and outstanding coaching staff help to student and gave athlete-friendly education in recognition of our impressive sporting programme as well as the facilities and support in place that meet the requirements of high performing student-athletes.

Independence - Boarding students quickly learn how to perform many household tasks and chores themselves and they also become more independent learners. In addition, boarders need to be responsible for managing their own money and belongings, helping them to mature earlier and become more resourceful.

Friendships and connections - Boarders often form very close friendships and connections with their boarding 'family'. They have the benefit of having many shared experiences through the enormous extracurricular offering.
Cultural diversity - Boys don't see race or colour - they see opportunities to play and relate. Boarding students benefit from living among boys from a range of different backgrounds and cultures.

House experience unique - It's also about how everyone as an individual is different in terms of values and abilities, yet we all get on well together and it's a very good place to live."

About School

Gyan Ganga Intentional School Jabalpur is amongst the top residential schools in MP, India. It is a prodigy of "Shri Wardhaman Vidya Vihar Educational Academy", a Chain of Schools and Professional Colleges in Central India.