Indigo Olive Launches All New, Game-Changing Sales Rep Application

Sales Rep App Is Designed to Help Businesses Capitalize on the Mobile App Explosion

Online PR News – 20-July-2019 – Wynnewood, PA – Access to up-to-date customer information and inventory levels while on the road is a growing challenge that many businesses are faced with. Having an app that has the capability to receive and transmit valuable information and rapid order placements can be an invaluable tool for any sales force. This is exactly what the Sales Rep Application offers its customers.

Indigo Olive Software recently unveiled the Sales Rep App, a powerful application that keeps sales teams out on the field informed on key metrics that help them drive business. During the launch even, a spokesperson for the company said, "Today, Indigo Olive is proud to introduce our Sales Rep Application that's been designed to improve the door-to-door canvassing efficiency of businesses. What makes our sales rep application the ideal choice for managing your company's sales is that it is functional both online and offline. This means you stay connected with your sales force on the ground at all times. In this way, the Sales Rep App makes crucial sales processes, such as scheduling and streamlining, a breeze."

The Sales Rep App is considered to be one of the best sales tracking software out there that allows sales reps on-the-go to book orders and segment clients based on customer preference and past sales data.

The spokesperson for the company further said, "What makes our sales rep application unique is that whether you are looking for pertinent data on key enterprise segments or need bird's eye, executive-level view of your business processes, our new application gives you access to in-depth and comprehensive information that can help you make key business decisions. We offer full technical support for our clients to ensure they are able to meet their business goals. We will also continue to upgrade and improve our sales management tools to offer a better experience for users."

The sales rep application has been designed to give businesses a better, more in-depth understanding of their customer's needs. This information is being constantly updated in the Indigo Olive Software database and can be accessed via the sales rep application's tools to target the right customer.

He concluded by saying, "The Sales Rep App has been designed to be a global-ready and secure platform that scales with your business with built-in plugins and features that transforms your customer and inventory data into mobile-commerce fuel for your business. Some of the benefits of using our sales rep application is that your sales staff gets to take more orders per day, cut order processing time, and get all the information you need to build a meaningful customer portfolio with detailed customer segmentation."
The Sales Rep App has been developed after completing extensive research in the manufacturing and supply chain industry to find out a business's wants and needs. The application addresses all the needs and requirements of sales professionals, making it the perfect choice for large and small businesses.

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Indigo Olive Software is an IT solutions provider that offers a range of all-encompassing tools that are focused on improved enterprise solutions. The company provides cloud-based online order taking tools that allows sales personnel to keep track of their customers and their inventory while reviewing pricing and checking order status. This capability enables businesses to reduce costs and minimize errors while enhancing their customers' experience.

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