Neatchords Opens its Platform for Guitar Pupils as Well as for Educators

Website containing a ton of guitar chords and other guitar resources was launched

Online PR News – 18-July-2019 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Designed especially for the people who are learning to play the guitar, was launched. This website is intended to be the ultimate guitar chords source, making it an invaluable resource for guitar students, as well as for tutors, music teachers and for those who just want to learn a new song.

Key features of Neat Chords are variety, quantity and simplicity. On this website you will find music from a wide range of genres, and its database is in a continuous growth. From Juanes to Metallica or from Taylor Swift to Five Finger Death Punch, Neat Chords is aiming to become the best and constant source for guitar tabs.

The website is using simple text with a classic mode for displaying guitar tablatures. Even the guitar solos are highlighted, via text, showing fingers' positions on the fretboard, so the viewer can learn solo parts along with the chords. In order for the student to better understand the song he is learning, on the right side of the tab one can find an original version of the song.

Organized alphabetically, on the top side are the names of the artists or bands whose guitar chords for songs can be found on Neat Chords. Clicking on each artist name will reveal to the user links to every song tablature available of that artist. One can find popular songs from all eras, but also rare tablatures, unavailable anywhere else.

The list of the songs covered is continuously growing. For example, only on the page of the artists starting with "A" there are 584 names listed and clicking on "Avril Lavigne" will reveal 130 songs with guitar chords available.

Using only text without addons or even advertisements, the site runs smoothly, without delays or loading time longer than one second. The high contrast theme, white text and blue strings / chords over black background provides a friendly interface, not bothersome or strenuous to the eye. Only the site logo, artists' names and contact link are presented in yellow. Overall, user experience is defined by speed and simplicity.

Regarding copyright, all creations presented on Neat Chords are the property of their respective owners. Tabs are regarded as interpretations of the original songs and are intended for private study, scholarship or research under personal use.

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