Social Media Management Added to The Refinement Agency's List of Services

Rayki Tai has expanded her list of services at The Refinement Agency to include Social Media Management for small and large business owners.

Online PR News – 18-July-2019 – New York, NY – The Refinement Agency is a premier life and business coaching organization primarily located in the New York City area. Its founder and CEO, Rayki Tai, has a broad base of clients ranging from individuals, couples, entrepreneurs, music artists, and social media influencers. Through her extensive work with her social media clients, Rayki has expanded The Refinement Agency to add a new department aimed specifically to grow and enhance the social media presence of small business owners, brands, and entrepreneurs.

The Social Media Management Division incorporates social media marketing, social media content creation, and brand creation. Whether on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, Rayki Tai has excelled at creating content for social media that gets the desired results her clients are looking for. Rayki strategically schedules client posts for maximum exposure and brand recognition. The social media marketing The Refinement Agency is offering is purposeful and precise in hitting goals and respecting deadlines.

For brand creation, Rayki is well versed in taking a simple idea and turning it into profitable businesses for entrepreneurs with a dream and no real plan to execute. Rayki Tai's creative branding strategies include logo creation, social media profile creation, content creation, social media engagement, and overall social media management. Her content creation covers a vast field of professional quality social media posts, banners, and ads that get business owners the attention their products and services actually deserve.

For existing businesses in need of a branding reboot, Rayki Tai and her team give businesses a re-branding makeover designed to elevate businesses to their next level of success. Rayki efficiently utilizes Instagram marketing as a tool to expand the reach of entrepreneurs and businesses, regardless of size. Instagram has, for some time now, been essential for business growth across the world. As a micro-influencer herself, Rayki understands the importance Instagram marketing continues to be and excels in her efforts.

Rayki Tai, recently dubbed the Viral Goddess, is a social media marketing expert that continues to explore untapped opportunities in the social media world and vigorously works to test, refine, and execute new creative strategies daily. Social media management should, ideally, be maintained on an ongoing basis. However, Rayki's plans generally begin on a 30 day period to allow time to meet established goals. Client strategies are always tailored specifically by Rayki with the client in mind.

For more information and the opportunity to work with Rayki at The Refinement Agency, visit and get in touch via the contact form.