The Railas Verdict, a Sci-Fi Novel by Paul J. Joseph, is Available August 30 at Local Book Signing

The Railas Verdict, fourth book in The Turing Files will be launched at 2nd and Charles Bookstore in Fayetteville, NC. Paul J. Joseph will be live at 2:00 PM.

Online PR News – 14-July-2019 – Fayetteville NC – Railas is not your average robot. He is a new concept in justice. Rigorously trained in law, and programmed to seek the truth, he cannot be bribed or intimidated. But the city of New Braintree has a choice. PACE, the high-tech giant responsible for most of the city's infrastructure, wants to control the courts. But, unlike Railas, their robot, MAX, seeks only political advantage. They've been trying to sabotage Railas's team since the beginning. But Railas's own investigation leads to the discovery of something worse. The accident that killed his creator was never explained, and one of her secret projects may still be active. Repeating electrical distortions traveling up the space elevator where she worked are threatening both them and PACE, and they point to a greater threat far away.

"Paul J. Joseph is able to tell a fantastic story while imparting a humanity and morality that are sorely lacking in many "popular" books. Joseph's robots make me want to be a better person."

Cyberfiche - Amazon customer

Author of the Turing Files and Through the Fold series, Paul J. Joseph has been writing science fiction for over twenty years. His works have been enjoyed on podcasts, ebook, and print. This fourth book in the series breaks new ground and promises great things for the rest of the series.

A North Carolina resident, Joseph is a college professor and technology enthusiast, producing video projects and conducting virtual reality research. He enjoys photography and bicycling and lives with his wife, son, mother in law, and three cats.