GX Sciences Now Offers Diabetes Prediction Genetic Test

GX Sciences is pleased to announce the offering of the Diabetes Predict® test to the United States.

Online PR News – 10-July-2019 – Austin, Texas – GX Sciences is pleased to announce the offering of the Diabetes Predict® test to the United States. This unique genetic test, developed by Patia in collaboration with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT launched in Europe and Latin America, utilizes 16 distinct genetic markers that determine your lifetime risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes with a simple cheek swab. Type 2 Diabetes is a worldwide disease that currently affects 300 million people worldwide and is increasing yearly. Over 40 million people are affected in the United States alone, with up to 40% of people being diagnosed too late to avoid serious diabetes complications. Knowing your personal genetic risk of developing diabetes can help you avoid late diagnosis and possibly allow you to alter your risk of developing diabetes through lifestyle changes. The Diabetes Predict® genetic test is quick and easy for anyone to take with reliable results delivered to you in days.

"It is very exciting that modern medicine is able to offer a personalized genetic test that predicts Diabetes risk with such accuracy. Before Diabetes Predict®, many patients who developed diabetes were diagnosed too late to avoid eye damage, nerve damage, kidney damage and even limb amputations. The new era of personalized precision genetic medicine will alter the way we look at risk and how we, as physicians, approach the education and treatment of our patients." - Kendal Stewart, MD, Chief Medical Officer of GX Sciences

"The ability to detect sooner than ever before who is at risk for diabetes, paired with personalized and precise lifestyle recommendations, could hold a profound impact on world public health. The individual patient is our focus. Public health is our aim." - Christine Tam, MD, PhD, Patia

There are many reasons why Diabetes Predict® could be right for you. This genetic test is for someone who may be overweight, has a sedentary lifestyle, or, most importantly, has a family history of diabetes. If a person has family members with Diabetes and is overweight, there could be up to a 60% risk of developing Diabetes. Additionally, for those women who have suffered from high blood sugar during pregnancy, it is important to take this test. Even if someone is simply concerned about their health, Diabetes Predict® can tell them their precise genetic risk of potentially developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The Diabetes Predict® test is an easy, non-invasive process that can be done in the comfort of your own home or doctor's office with a simple cheek swab. The Diabetes Predict® pack will include directions on how to take a cheek swab sample and send it in via mail. The laboratory will then analyze your swab as soon as it is received, avoiding long wait times to obtain your test results. The results come in the form of a detailed report with clear indication of your genetic risk of Type 2 Diabetes, as well as personalized lifestyle recommendations and other valuable information.

There are several advantages for people that decide to use Diabetes Predict®, especially because genetic predisposition tests have never been this convenient before. By identifying your personal genetic risk of developing this disease, it can give you enough motivation and time to make lifestyle changes that can alter your risk. Changing eating habits, increasing activity, and other lifestyle habits can reduce your risk even if you are genetically predisposed. Awareness of your risk can be vital, and Diabetes Predict® from GX Sciences and Patia is determined to help patients focus on prevention and attain peace of mind for you or other family members.

Diabetes Predict® is also very convenient for its genotype-powered individualized recommendations. The results report provides specific nutritional recommendations, advice on the need for proper supplementation and other actions to be considered. It is therefore highly appropriate for the prevention and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.

The GX Sciences website offers in-depth information about Diabetes Predict®, including FAQs and patient / medical provider testimonials. You can also easily find where this genetic test is offered by using the Locate a Provider Map on our website. Make your health a priority and contact your Provider for a personalized Diabetes Predict® kit today. Existing Providers with GX Sciences accounts can login to this page to order this panel: http://www.gxsciences.com/paymentforswab-p/001.htm.

Visit this link for more information: http://www.gxsciences.com/diabetespredict-s/252.htm.

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