Salmon Roe DNA-Based Lip Plumper, An Alternative To Lip Fillers- Novel Product Commercial Launch

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a dermatologist-led cosmeceutical skincare company, announced the mass market launch of a lip plumper formulated
with salmon roe DNA

Online PR News – 08-July-2019 – Singapore, July 8, 2019 – Heard of the Rejuran™ treatment?It is a Salmon Roe based treatment which boosts skin healing and has rejuvenating effects for skin, but is administered via a needle injection method. Singapore dermatologist Dr.Teo Wan Lin, together with their chemist, incorporated salmon roe DNA into a cosmeceutical lip plumper ( the first of its kind to be made commercially available.The product has been soft-launched since November 2018 in the dermatologist's office, with excellent clinical improvements and patient feedback. According to accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, "I have prescribed it to normal patients who wished to have a lip volumizing effect without filler injections, as well as patients with lip allergies. The latter group had sensitive dry lip conditions, such as those with cheilitis, allergy to commercial lip balm preservatives, lipsticks. Some were acne patients who were on medications such as isotretinoin that had caused their lips to crack and bleed. All groups of patients reported excellent skin tolerability with no reported cases of skin allergies, no stinging effects, as is the case with traditional lip plumpers." The dermatologist reported that she observed excellent clinical improvement in all subjects with increased volume, reduced lip lines, increased moisture and all-round high patient satisfaction levels. The product was also used as an moisturiser in patients with age-related lip discoloration and these patients had reported good improvement to their original lip colour.It was also made available to celebrity makeup artist Andrea Claire, who has used it behind the scenes on top models for international beauty editorials and advertisement campaigns, over lipstick as a gloss and a lip volumiser. "I love, love the lip plumper, it adds an amazing gloss to every lipstick and also plumps up the model's lips to look amazing on camera. The lips, like the eyes are a focal point of beauty, so this is one to have to up your lipstick game."

Salmon Roe DNA is a high-cost cosmeceutical ingredient that has been proven in medical research studies led by dermatologists to have collagen-boosting effects in the laboratory on skin cells. The key products available in the aesthetic market with this ingredient, such as Rejuran™ requires superficial injections into the skin for administration. This causes discomfort and may not be appealing to certain people. Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals' research team has successfully incorporated purified salmon roe DNA extract(Oncorhynchus keta Species) to a non-injectable cosmeceutical lip product, to boost lip volume and appearance. When applied to an area such as the lips( known as a mucosal membrane), this ensures maximum absorption just by topical application only.

What are the benefits of salmon roe DNA?
● Stimulates skin renewal by promoting fibroblast regeneration, causing increased collagen production
for anti-aging and acne scars.
● Effects on skin elasticity and healing of damaged skin cells caused by photoaging and free radical
● Combined with cosmeceutical ingredients such as oligopeptides and grape seed oil to improve the lip
hydration and plumping ability
Medical studies back the use of salmon roe DNA extracts for skin rejuvenation. In the laboratory, salmon eggs were found to have positive effects when incubated with human dermal fibroblast cultures and had positive effects on the anti-aging DNA genes. Specifically, the collagen type I and multiple antioxidative genes which are responsible to fight environmental damage to skin such as the OXR1, TXNRD1 and PRDX family genes.

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