Legendary Photographer Teams Up With Brilliant Designer - Forms Creative Powerhouse - Forster&Huntr+

Forster & Huntr + is an independent, online media company, producing world class content in fine art photography and design.

Online PR News – 05-July-2019 – New York, NY – Award-winning, legendary photographer Steven Forster and the brilliant millennial designer/entrepreneur Jake Huntr have teamed up to form Forster & Huntr+; an online media company that is both a visually stunning portfolio, boasting incredible, iconic photography collections, which are available to purchase, as well as, enchanting designs by Huntr; and a platform for creative developments in Design, Film/TV and concept development. Forster, who has had exhibitions since 1978 has only ever made his extremely unique and rare body of work available privately or in exhibitions in art galleries and museums. Now, this incredible duo is making their work available to the world. And this is just the beginning; they plan to grow and diversify over the next 5 years!

Steven Forster says of the new launch.

"I've been very exclusive about my work and of my image for over 40 years; I've only ever shown publicly in art galleries. But, I've been itching for a broader adventure. So, I took some time off, traveled, seasoned my points of view and came to this fabulous opportunity. It's really about time that I've gone into business for myself, and partnering with Jake Huntr is just awesome! His forward thinking ideas and no limits attitude is just very inspiring and we keep going. Let me say this, too, yes yes yes all of the work is absolutely available to purchase! Jake and I invite you to visit the new site https://www.forsterhuntr.com and explore, shop, see what we're all about. "

Jake Huntr says, " I have always worked outside of the box. It's not a straight line for me, I think it's about going in the directions that brings you to a more centered place of ones self. Steven and I make a good team, he is the grounded one and I tend to be the one with the "lets go for it, ideas"! Whether we take on one of a kind photographs, building skyscrapers or we produce a hit movie...we have fun, we love what we do and the work we put out is something everyone can get behind."

Steven Forster is a New Orleans native and has been a professional photographer for more than 40 years. His work is in public and private collections, among them The Permanent Collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art, The Permanent Collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, The Permanent Collection of The Historic New Orleans Collection, as well as exhibiting at the Contemporary Arts Center, The World Financial Center Winter Garden in New York City, Tarragona City Hall and the Metropol Tarragona in Spain and many art galleries spanning 40 years. He has photographed such luminaries as Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Drew Brees, Ryan Phillippe, Ella Fitzgerald, Ethel Merman, to name but a few. His work has been included in exhibitions of master photographers Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Clarence John Laughlin and Weegee, as well as exhibitions with Yoko Ono, LeRoy Neiman, Peter Max and Tony Bennett. International artist Peter Max has painted five of Forster's jazz portraits. Steven is the most published photographer in New Orleans with more than 28 thousand photographs published. Forster has been honored with the New Orleans Forum For Equality Award in 2002, The New Orleans LGBT Community Center - LGBT Founder's Day Media Award in 2009. In 2010 Forster was chosen as Grand Marshal of Pride in New Orleans. In 2013 and 2014 The Press Club of New Orleans awarded Steven with First Place in the Still Photography Multi-Feature category. Steven Forster has won eight Alpha Awards in Fashion Photography. Dubbed "the Poet of Photography" by Figaro Newspaper, and "the Richard Avedon of the South" by Times-Picayune critic, David Cuthbert, his black and white images are unmatched in their clarity and insight. Steven Forster has been honored by the New Orleans Fashion Week in 2015 and by Fashion Group International New Orleans Chapter in 2016.

Jake Huntr has worked privately for over 10 years in the art world starting as an actor/model, freelance photographer, and extraordinarily talented designer/developer before joining forces with Steven Forster and forming Forster & Huntr +. Jake Huntr is the one who founded the idea behind Forster & Huntr + and its business strategy, its mission and the overall brand impression for ForsterHuntr.com. Huntr + is the design/developing & multi-media facet of the pairs' dynamic brand, with ambitions of becoming a leading name in the design world. Jake Huntr has created several design/architectural plans that are specific to contemporary enthusiasts and top tier clientele and display his vision for beautiful buildings and spaces in future urban communities. Jake's own photography work, is an eclectic range that captures the contrast and the essence of Florida's rich, vibrant beaches, historic lighthouses, hideaways and serene landscapes; as well as the midwestern winter wonderland which shows off his use of lines, textures and form, and leaves the viewer longing for the holiday season and the beauty of pristine snow. "Jake's black and white Vegas images have a very retro 1960's Rat Pack vibe about them", say's Steven Forster.

For more information visit their new website https://www.forsterhuntr.com and see what it's all about.