An award-winning product with award-winning results

Diamond Herpanacine's Herpanacine Skin Support won 2019's most innovative skin care supplement!

Online PR News – 04-July-2019 – Jenkintown PA – Jenkintown, PA (April 2019) Dr. Wayne Diamond's Herpanacine Skin Support® has been awarded the annual "Most Innovative Skin Supplement" award in the 2019 Health, Beauty & Wellness awards from Lux-life Magazine. These awards were designed to find and reward excellence within the Health, Beauty & Wellness industry. They designated Herpanacine Skin Support® as the absolutely most innovative skin supplement on the market this year. For over 28 years, thrilled clientele have experienced safe and successful results from this world-renowned product, which has won multiple awards in the industry. Its amazing benefits and results are attributed to the unique combination of eleven powerful vitamins, herbs and antioxidants which attack skin conditions from the inside out!

"We are thrilled to be recognized by Lux-life, as well as the many other industry leaders who have awarded and praised Herpanacine Skin Support® over the years. My husband and I worked hard for decades to create and maintain a product we feel can successfully help anyone, anywhere, with any skin condition. It is awards like these that remind me how our work has paid off and how many people our product has helped," says Leslie Diamond, President of Diamond Herpanacine of PA.

Because of its consistently proven positive results, Herpanacine Skin Support® is continually recommended worldwide for skin conditions including acne, herpes, cold sores, shingles, rosacea, boils, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, and many others.

Diamond Herpanacine of PA is a company that is constantly working to advance Dr. Diamond's lifelong research to better benefit their clientele. They know how much harder having a skin condition can make someone's day-to-day life and they are here to help. They say with confidence - and Lux-life Magazine clearly agrees - that if you have a skin condition you need to start treating it from the inside out today with Herpanacine Skin Support®. It is the best and most innovative skin supplement available.

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