Important Takeaways by EvenDigit on Google Search Quality Rating Guideline

Google rolls an update on search quality rating guidelines and here are some findings by EvenDigit like changing the approach of content and building trust.

Online PR News – 10-July-2019 – Houston, TX – Google is out with an update to its search quality guidelines that describes the need to change the content approach and emphasize on improving the page quality. At EvenDigit, we are concerned with the page quality and emphasize on including the YMYL and EAT pages which make for the two most important key factors to evaluate a website.
What are YMYL Pages?

When it comes to searching for a piece of specific information, you would surely like to go to something you can bank upon and has excellent expertise in that area. So, if you have websites such as financial, medical and legal, you are a YMYL which runs on the concept of "Your Money, Your Life" as you help people reach a decision where they spend money.

However, in other areas such as food blogging, the debatable question is, whether they are categorized as YMYL pages or not. Well, in some they are and in some maybe not.

Apart from this, websites with health-related claims are also categorized as YMYL because most of them are self-healed. If the bloggers are gluten-free, or those who are celiac recoverers, they might have gone through these crucial circumstances as they are putting up personalized content.

What are EAT Pages?

Google released a white paper a few weeks ago that talks about the use of EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust that holds significance when it comes to ranking pages.

The first thing is expertise; supposedly, you are a career counselor with an experience of 10 years, that's your core expertise as you are in practice for quite a long time and you know the approach.

Now, what about your authoritativeness? How many people know you online? These are two important questions. If people look up to you for your advice, it speaks volumes of trust people show on you.

Key Insights by EvenDigit on Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines:

Changing the Content Approach-

As per the latest update on Google search quality rater guidelines, EvenDigit lays stress on changing the content approach by including EAT pages with the objective of improving the page quality.

Authoritativeness and Trust is the Key-

Since EvenDigit is consistently working on attaining higher rank, we feel the need to work on the authoritativeness of the website. Building authority will help outrank older websites.

Concentrate on Quality Links-

A new blogger outranks the one who had been blogging for the past 20 years, That's because you lack authoritativeness and this is why backlinks matter the most. So, concentrate on quality links as it indicates people like your content and is recommending it.

Build a Sound Online Network with Fellow Bloggers-

In order to attract quality links on your website, it is recommended to build a network with your fellow bloggers, which is undoubtedly going to reinforce your EAT and authoritativeness online.

EvenDigit has been consistently working to improve the content approach as it's a part of SEO, we feel that the above-mentioned changes will give you an opportunity for better link building to achieve a higher rank.

So, achieve a higher position by letting people talk about you!

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