Albumen Gallery Launches Relationship with Award Winning Turkish Photographer Nevzat Yildirim

New online exhibition 'After the Conflict' marks the launch of Albumen Gallery's relationship with Turkish photographer Nevzat Yildirim.

Online PR News – 03-July-2019 – London – In 2013 and 2015 Turkish photographer Nevzat Yildirim was invited by a Turkish Human Rights Charity to travel to Yemen and Afghanistan respectively to document some of the charity's work with orphaned children.

Working on these projects in countries that were or had been war zones left a deep impression on the photographer. The series 'After the Conflict' was born out of this work.

Nevzat Yildirim does not set out to add to the genre catalogue of general war photography documenting and reporting from specific conflict zones. His pictures address a wider concern that transcends any specific geo-political theatres of war.

The poignant juxtaposition of children and abandoned wrecked tanks form a powerful J'Accuse - a visual protest reminding us that the lives of children are all too often accepted collateral damage of conflict.

We're excited about the opportunity to work with Nevzat Yildirim an outstanding photographer whose work can be found in the Boston Museum of Modern Art and several private collections. (Stephan Schmid)

This is what's left behind after the conflict. Casually abandoned wrecked hardware and often damaged and dislocated children torn from their families - their innocence robbed. And yet, the photos also capture something else. Despite the destruction, chaos and disturbing experiences these children demonstrate a strength and positive energy in getting on with building a new life.

'After the Conflict' Photo Book
The exhibition will be accompanied by the limited edition hardcopy photo book 'After the Conflict' published in the Albumen Gallery Publishing Series.

Nevzat Yildirim
A Fine Arts Honours graduate from Kocaeli University Nevzat Yildirim obtained his MA in Photography at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Mimar Sinan University.

Stephan Schmid, founder director at Albumen Gallery says, "we're excited about the opportunity to work with Nevzat Yildirim, an outstanding photographer, whose work can be found in the Boston Museum of Modern Art and several private collections."

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