New Childhood Obesity Website Set Up for Parents and Educators

The rise in childhood obesity statistics is alarming. Enough so that one website is dedicated to stopping and reversing the current childhood obesity epidemic.

Online PR News – 12-November-2009 – – As a former US Navy Submariner, Jeff Barnes, founder of, understands the importance of staying fit and healthy. Today, being Veterans Day, seems to be a very fitting day to announce the release of his new website, When Jeff was in the military, he was a very active young man, in charge of physical training on board his submarine, the USS Jefferson City. Since getting out of the Navy three years ago, Jeff stumbled across a very alarming statistic: 67%. That number gave him pause as he considered the implications of the number.

“Two out of three? That can’t be right!” he remembered thinking to himself.

That number represents the total expected number of obese children in the United States in the next couple of decades. By the year 2050, nearly every child is expected to be overweight, and more than two-thirds expected to be obese by today’s standards.

“I want to ensure that those numbers never become a reality,” said Jeff in a recent interview. “The possibility that our nation will be full of overweight unhealthy individuals needs to be a concern at the forefront of our minds at all times!”
The new website is targeted at parents of children (13 and under), as well as teenagers and young adults as well. The focus of the website is to deliver all of the necessary and relevant information on childhood obesity and general children’s health on one easy to follow site. With so many people being overweight or obese, this is a good place for them to start to learn about the causes and effects of obesity, as well as preventive measures that can be taken right away.

The site allows you to:
• Determine what the causes of obesity in children are
• Understand the effects of childhood obesity
• Learn about ways to prevent and even reverse obesity in children
• Get an understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is and how to implement it
• Talk with other parents who are facing similar problems and need support

“We are very excited about launching the site, and especially about the ask and answer section where people with questions can ask them in an anonymous manner and get answers to their most troubling issues. The key to keeping your children healthy and active is understanding the difference between living a healthy lifestyle, and the alternative. Parents aren’t given a guide book on how to raise their children healthy, so we are here to help.”

Jeff Barnes, founder

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