Greyzdorf Partnership With Swarm Fund For GREYZ Coin

The initial $5 million presale starts July 01, 2019 and placed on Swarms exchange in August 2019.

Online PR News – 28-June-2019 – Atlanta, Ga, – Today Greyzdorf Real Estate Trust's blockchain platform announces a partnership with Swarm Fund for their GREYZ Coin digital security.

100,000,000 GREYZ Coins has been issued, with 90,000,000 placed on the exchange. The initial $5 million presale starts July 01, 2019 and placed on Swarms exchange in August 2019.

The GREYZ Coin structured as a Debt Payable by Assets or DPA. The DPA is a debt security created by the Republic Crypto team, specifically for token pre-sales.

GREYZ Coin DPA, or Debt Payable by Assets, is an SEC Rule 506 of Regulation D interest-bearing loan that can be converted to coins. We are using a DPA for the GREYZ Coin offering. As a loan contract between an investor and the company, the coin DPA is the right to receive interest on loans and have loans paid back with the coin, our digital security/coin, GREYZ. Since we are creating the coins immediately at the beginning of the offering, loans to Greyzdorf Real Estate Trust are paid back immediately in GREYZ Coins.


• GREYZ (Coin) digital securities will have an initial value of GREYZ to 1 USD.
• 30% Bonus during Presale, with 12-month lockup period.
• GREYZ digital securities will be tradable worldwide 24/7.
• No minimum investment amounts.
• ERC20-compliant digital security that sits on the Ethereum Blockchain.
• 10% of GREYZ allocated to the founding team for compensation and operational purposes.
• Founders will have a 12-month lockup on their digital securities.
• Liquid share class using blockchain technology.

The investor can trade the digital shares anytime on regulated exchanges and peer to peer on-demand, liquidity, and control.

Through Greyzdorf Real Estate Trust's blockchain platform, the purchased of the GREYZ Coin is with USD and ETH after KYC & AML verification. Starting in August, KYC & AML approved investors can buy GREYZ Coin with BTC, ETH, DAI, SWM, DASH or FIAT via Swarm.

Invested in an existing single-family rental portfolio is the presale amount of $5,000,000. Invested in constructing single-family rental communities throughout Atlanta, Georgia, is $50,000,000. Invested in five-year-old single-family rental portfolios and new model homes leasebacks are $35,000,000.


Starts July 01, 2019 - July 08, 2019

• 30% bonus or the first USD million invested

July 09, 2019 - July 16, 2019

• 20% bonus or the next USD 2 million invested

July 17, 2019 - July 31, 2019

• 10% bonus or the next USD 1 million invested

NOTE: for Phase 1 and Phase 2, if the hard cap dollar amount is reached (USD 2 million for each Phase), before the Phase end date, the next Phase will commence immediately when that hard cap is reached.


A revolutionary approach to bring rental real estate as a stable, successful, and secure alternative asset class on the blockchain. Every GREYZ Coin backed by 100% rental real estate. With its 1-to-1 ratio, GREYZ Coin has no additional or hidden costs/fees, making sure that 100% of the invested capital is transformed into a tangible asset.


Swarm solves the problem of the lack of liquidity present in traditional asset ownership, allowing for fractional ownership opportunities of any asset. Tokenization creates opportunities for asset owners to realize capital from new sources, and for individuals and institutions to invest in, own and govern previously unattainable assets. And Swarm is addressing the compliance element through its MAP solution, which is vital to industry development across jurisdictions to realize broader, easier participation alongside improved liquidity. (


Greyzdorf Real Estate Trust is creating a private Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, specifically for Greyzdorf real estate in the crypto world and GREYZ Coins. The GREYZ Coin backed by a single asset rental real estate company. (


Greyzdorf Communities is a pioneering development company that builds private rental neighborhoods, featuring houses that offer thoughtfully-designed spaces, high-end finishes, and indoor/outdoor living in appealing locations for people who seek stability through flexibility. (

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