North Country: A New Windows And Doors Company Offering The Best Brands For All Needs And Budgets

A unique fenestration service: designing, supplying and installing the best, most durable and cost-effective UK-made window, door and conservatory solutions.

Online PR News – 06-July-2019 – Harrogate, North Yorkshire – North Country is a supply and installation service with a difference.

Offering traditional or contemporary windows, doors and conservatories in any material, including timber, aluminium and uPVC, their 'solution-based' service caters for any aesthetic, technical or budgetary requirements.

Design Consultant Robert Goldsbrough says: "When a Client wants to build a new home, to extend or upgrade their existing most valuable asset, aesthetics, performance, durability and budget all come into play. But getting the right balance of all these is increasingly difficult. Our service aims to secure quality and value for money for everyone."

Most fenestration companies offer a limited range of products from their suppliers, but North Country works with their Clients to source products from a wide range of manufacturers, allowing them to tailor a package to suit their specific needs as closely as possible.

Enhancing the North's Most Desirable Homes

When a Client wants to build a new home to extend or upgrade their existing most valuable asset aesthetics performance durability and budget all come into play. But getting the right balance of all these is increasingly difficult. Our service aims to secure quality and value for money for everyone.

In addition to over 20 years in property development, Robert has a considerable amount of experience in fenestration sales and has built up a great deal of knowledge of the industry.

"Have you seen the TV show 'White Gold'? It's not that fictional!" says Robert. "I've seen all the tricks in the book. The decades-old national installer resting on its laurels, subjecting Clients to high pressure selling, offering so-called 'discounts' on mediocre products, and poor after sales."

According to 'Which?' magazine, smaller independent companies are seen as more reliable. Unfortunately they can offer relatively unsophisticated products which look fine when installed, but can start requiring attention within 5-10 years.

"In recent years, imported products of dubious quality have entered the market. I've seen a whole house of timber windows and doors which rotted - completely - in only six years!" Robert added, "to my knowledge, the Client got no legal redress, even though they were guaranteed for 30 years. She had to replace everything. We only offer UK manufactured product ranges."

His experience tells him that most people take an interest in detail when investing in a new car, but rarely put the same effort into seeking the right product for their new build or renovation project.

"I understand this. We change cars more often than our fenestration, and one window can look much like another. But not exploring the wide variations in quality can lead to making a choice based purely on the initial cost. It's a shame that the old cliche 'you get what you pay for' applies today just as much as it used to."

Robert recently quoted for a Client whose new home required 70 replacement timber windows - a big project. "The price difference was a few thousand, but he went for a competitor's product which I wouldn't recommend as, in my opinion, it would need re-coating in less than 10 years. Assuming a minimum cost of £100 window - well, you do the math. As it was to be his family's lifetime home, it was not a cost effective choice."

He says it is a minefield trying to get good value, and that's why North Country was set up. "we offer beautiful timber windows and doors, timber conservatories and timber orangeries, hand-finished by the finest craftsmen. But if the budget will not allow for this, there are a variety of other options including aluminium, composite or uPVC."

North Country aims to cater for any budget, but there is a limit. The best timber products will last a lifetime, but inferior ones can fail in less than 10 years. The best uPVC will last up to 25 years. They will only recommend products that they think will last. "To be brutal, if a Client does not have the budget for what we recommend, we would rather walk away than supply a sub-standard solution."

North Country are committed to finding the most cost-effective package to suit your particular aesthetic, performance and budgetary requirements. They are conservation and listed buildings specialists.

Based in Harrogate and operating primarily throughout Yorkshire, they have Clients in Greater London and throughout the rest of the UK. If you have a project or would like more information on their services, get in touch.


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