Hodusoft Announces Multi-tenant IP-PBX Software for Travel Industry

Hodusoft's tailored Multi-tenant IP PBX Software is ideal communication platform for travel industry with multi-location and multi-service operations.

Online PR News – 25-June-2019 – texas – Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, announced multi-tenant IP PBX specifically developed for the travel industry. The company's VP elaborated on the features and explained how Hodusoft multi-tenant IP PBX software is indispensable from various perspectives for travel industry.

Hodusoft's IPPBX software, he claimed, is one of the best and the most feature rich making it a unified communications platform. Its multi-tenancy feature is particularly useful for global travel industry operations. The platform features include phonebook, call forwarding, click to call and everything else needed in current PBX with emphasis on isolating all these for each designated tenant. The Least Cost Routing feature reduces calling costs, which is a boon for travel operators with multiple branches in various parts of the world. It is possible for the head location administrator to assign permissions and auto provision IP phones of whatever brand in addition to configuring the keys for each branch or associate that, in turn, is designated as a tenant. Multi-language support makes Hodusoft IP PBX even better for travel operators with various service streams such as flight bookings, hotels, tours and so on.

Then he went on to expand on the inclusion of WebRTC that reinvents communication. Inclusion of this feature raises Hodusoft's IP PBX to an entirely new level permitting audio and video chats and conferences as well as document sharing and presentation. WebRTC also extends to mobile devices. This brings in multiple benefits for international travel operators in several ways. For instance, executives can have face to face meetings with customers and even show them their ticket or a view of the hotel as may be the case. Teams can collaborate regardless of their location and resolve matters in minutes through video conference.

Another important aspect of the multi-tenant IPPBX is accounting, billing and payments. Each tenant is accounted for separately as regards calls and can be billed and billed party can make payment through an integrated gateway. A typical scenario is a global travel agency with a network of branches and agents, with each one considered a tenant and billed according. One can have unlimited tenants in an absolute secure IPPBX network. Along with billing, statistics and data for each are available for analytics purposes. It becomes even better with easy integration into existing CRMs. All these features, claimed the VP, contribute to customer delight, cost reductions and fluid communications.

Travel operators can opt for Hodusoft multi-tenant IPPBX as a hosted software solution. This enables simplified operations for all tenants with a central control point, easy access through desktops or mobiles and no capex on hardware or software. Hodusoft's pushes updates and takes care of maintenance as well as support. "It does not get any better. It can be up and operational within an hour."

Travel operators interested in switching over to Hodusoft's IP PBX solutions may get in touch by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on http://hodusoft.com/ip-pbx-software/.  

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12776193-hodusoft-announces-multi-tenant-ip-pbx-software-for-travel-industry.html