Halmari Introduces Its Premium Collection of Freshest Second Flush Teas for 2019

Halmari, a well-known tea producer from Assam, has introduced its premium collection of second flush teas for 2019.

Online PR News – 22-June-2019 – Kolkata, West Bengal – Halmari, an Assam tea company with 100 years of legacy, has introduced its premium collection of freshest summer second flush teas of 2019. With this unique assortment, the company aims to offer its customers new tea flavors of the season in the form of.

With these classified variants, it intends to give its customers, soothing and refreshing flavors to calm them down during the summer heat. With second flush tea leaves prepared with traditional methods, they expect these variants to stand out in the market as luxury tea.

Towards this, the CEO of Halmari said, "We have preserved our century-old tea making methods to date. Our trained staffs ensure each tea variant sticks to its essence of flavor and aroma, which will stand out among the tea-lovers who buy from us."

Adding to this, he also said that even though they keep trying new variants, the plucking and drying methods remain the same. It gives each of their tea variants a unique identity and flavor.

During the introduction, the company's CEO also announced that all there will be 17 variants of second flush tea this season. It would include green tea, oolong tea, white tea, jasmine green tea, peppermint tea, CTC tea (English breakfast), orthodox tea, lemon green tea, masala chai, Earl Grey tea, chamomile tea, GTGFOP1 clonal tea, etc. All of them would be available for purchase on their website. So, customers can glance through these variants by just clicking on their site.

They have pursued quality for over a hundred years now, and with every variant, they maintain the quality at its best. Not to mention, all these efforts have made them the 9th best tea producers in the world.

The company further aims to keep this acclaim going with its new tea assortments every once in a few months. All this apart, the premium collection of second flush teas also brings a few variants mainly to serve the tastes of luxury-seeking tea lovers.

Teas like Golden Tip black tea, Halmari 22K Gold tea, and Halmari Gold Silver Needles fall under this category. With their elegant making and hints of gold and silver, they become the best choice to be added to a collection of specialty tea.

While these were the revelations made during the introduction of second flush tea of 2019, the company was also keen to announce that they would be offering discounts on their tea collection that customers can avail during the online purchase.

This, along with the company's fresh introduction of second flush tea, is expected to increase its popularity among its existing customers and bring new ones.

About the Company:

Halmari is a century-old tea producing company involved in the preparation of several tea variants. With its head office in Kolkata, the company enlists all its tea types on its online store. While it is well-known as a specialty tea producer among tea-lovers, Halmari is also known for its ease of online product search and timely delivery of orders.

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Website: https://www.halmaritea.com/

Address: 133A S.P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700026, India

Phone No.: 033 4062 2225

Email: soham@amarawatitea.com

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