Lamicall Receives Amazon Award for Best-Selling Mobile Phone Brackets

Lamicall is a company providing phone stands and laptop stands. It's business grows and reaches even the broadest market of gadget accessories.

Online PR News – 26-June-2019 – Shenzhen, China – Lamicall started the business by coming up with a product that they need the most. The brand owner, Daniel, recalled speaking to his grandfather who lived a mile away over the phone or via video chatting. He found it inconvenient using the mug as a stand for his phone so he didn't have to hold it for a long period of time. This is where the idea of the phone stands turned into a business when Daniel's grandfather bent a hanger and used it as a phone stand.

"When you turn something you need into a business, you get to use the quality of something you are seeking. Daniel and his grandfather took the opportunity by transforming a simple bent hanger into a cellphone holder. They wanted to share the idea of how convenient it is to have your own cellphone holder where you can move it and place it anywhere. We at Lamicall made sure that our clients are equipped with the promising quality of our cellphone holders." Romeo Sing, product design specialist at Lamicall, shares.

The Lamicall business grows and reaches even the broadest market of gadget accessories. Back in 2017, they reached the highest number of sales for Lamicall cellphone holders for cars and desk in Lamicall's history. They sold over a million cellphone holders exceeding their annual sales target of the year and continue to grow up until today. They were awarded by Amazon, a leading online shopping website, as the best seller of mobile phone bracket products.

The quantity of production continuously grows through the years of business. The proudest moment of Lamicall is realizing how far they have reached in almost a decade of doing business. They see more than just phone stands but an improved quality of living, an aid aligned technological advancement, and a necessity for all gadget users. Apart from cellphone holders, Lamicall laptop holders are also provided now. The company seeks to contribute to a more efficient utilization of technology products.

About Lamicall
Lamicall is a top of the line distributor of quality-based gadget holding and mounting accessories. They continue to put their vision into action with the aim to improve the quality of life with high technology products with uncompromised quality. They broaden their network from catering to clients nationwide and eventually brought their products across the globe. The company is empowered with a team of professionals to attend to the needs of the people.

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