Hidora is planning a new DevOps meetup on June 27 in Geneva

In June, Hidora is planning a new DevOps event - meetup about Kubernetes, CI/CD and
common principles that can help to build a DevOps culture in the company.

Online PR News – 19-June-2019 – Geneva, Switzerland – In February 2019, Swiss IT company Hidora became a golden sponsor and main organizer of DevOpsDays Conference in Geneva, that gathered more than 270 visitors. In June, Hidora is planning a new DevOps event - meetup about Kubernetes, CI/CD and common principles that can help to build a DevOps culture in the company.

Hidora is one of the first hosting companies that introduced the Jelastic PaaS, a popular platform for running applications in the cloud, on the Swiss market. Today Hidora provides not only cloud hosting services, but also IT consulting based on DevOps principles. Thanks to a team of strong professionals, Hidora helps companies introduce emerging technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitLab, etc.

According to Matthieu Robin, CEO of Hidora, for many years the success of IT has been in the professionalism of each team member.
Now, DevOps turns a culture of personal achievement into a culture of team achievement. Answering the following questions: how can WE achieve success, how can WE create software faster and easier, how can WE ensure the success of a project at each development stage?

"If you are planning to introduce DevOps to your company, everything will start with transforming your company's culture and creating an atmosphere where the implementation of DevOps principles will be effective. We are proud that one of Hidora's main missions is to freely share our own DevOps experience to the masses. At our next DevOps meetup you can find out about the necessary changes in your company's culture, new tools for optimizing workflows and the people you need to make it happen, " - says Matthieu Robin, CEO of Hidora.

DevOpsDays Geneva 2019 conferences brought together more than 270 visitors who could ask questions to lead DevOps experts. A series of technical reports were made by IT industry experts from companies such as Google, Adobe, Elastic, Cloudflare, etc. There were a lot of reports on how to speed up the launch of the product and reduce the cost of supporting it. The speakers talked about process automation tools and how to implement DevOps culture in the company through the correct set of tools and working on culture change.

"At the end of the conference, it was clear that one of the biggest problems is that technical people find it difficult to correctly evaluate cultural changes. Some tech people still believe that by using Jenkins and Docker they can easily get DevOps. But DevOps is not only about tools, but it is also about changing the approach." - stated Yannick Costa, Hidora COO.

DevOps culture makes everyone responsible for the outcome of the project. DevOps culture is based on the development of different skills and continuous improvement. DevOps is created to make applications get into production faster, releases of the products more often, and development faster.

The next meetup will be devoted to DevOps tools that Hidora uses for the clients and discussion on what products are needed to build a convenient technological environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on Kubernetes and setting up the company CI / CD processes.