R&L Horse Tips NEW Investment Service

The UK's No.1 Horse Racing Tipsters have now become a NEW investment only service!

Online PR News – 19-June-2019 – London, United Kingdom – After over seven years of being one of, if not the most successful horse racing tipsters in the UK, R&L Horse Tips have decided to change their tipping service to purely an investment service for clients. Co-Founder Mr Horsfield described it as 'a win, win situation' explaining that the new service 'allows consumers to gain increased profits with less effort, with us (R&L) also gaining more income with fewer working hours or tasks to take care of'.

£250 is the minimum initial investment up to £100,000 maximum investment. R&L take care of your horse racing bets and yield for you. Working with a 12-month contract, they will place your bets the evening before with a private bookmaker ensuring the best odds and enhanced profit.

The average yearly profit with R&L is 1,500+ points with the highest annual profit accumulating to 2129.5 points. With a minimum investment of £250 and a choice to play a 100 point bank system, at the end of your investment if the average yearly profit is reached, you will be withdrawing £3750, a massive £3500 profit. If the highest return or above is achieved, the take out amount will be £5325+ over £5000 profit.

For more conservative investors or those willing to invest a significant amount, there is the option to pursue a 250 point bank system. So with the average investment of just £5000 at the end of the calendar year, if the average yearly profit is reached, you will be withdrawing £30,000 a sublime £25,000 profit. If the highest return or beyond is accomplished, the withdrawal funds will be £42,600+ a life-changing passive income.

R&L has waivered membership fees for this new service, taking just 5% from the profit on the withdrawal date at the end of the calendar year only if profit is made. R&L is offering an investment opportunity for an income where no work from your side will be needed. All bets will be handled entirely for you.

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