Total Prestige Magazine Talks With Kara Stewart-Mullens

From psychology to sales, Kara Stewart-Mullens' life resume has led her to the top of her game, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurobiologix, Inc.

Online PR News – 06-June-2019 – Austin, TX – Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO and Co-founder of Neurobiologix, Inc. recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Total Prestige Magazine. In the weekly digest issue, Kara not only graces the cover, but she shares the story of her business along with other fun read from her life.

"Neurobiologix works with many colors, images of all ages, and caters to everyone, but you have to know when to focus a campaign on a specific niche, or you will fail trying to get everyone to pay attention," Kara Stewart-Mullen states, "Sometimes focusing on a smaller group can bring tremendous results."

Kara seems to be right. With a decade in the supplement game, Neurobiologix, Inc. offers a wide-range of products for autism, neurological issues, genetic weaknesses and so much more. With a supplement for just about everything, Neurobiologix, Inc. wants its customers to know that they are there for you and will provide the best and cleanest quality nutrition on the market today.

Kara started her journey in a not-so-traditional way with her love of advertising and psychology. "The core of my studies was in advertising," Kara said. "As I began to take more psychology courses, I realized I could use the knowledge to my advantage," Kara wanted to think like the consumer, and not the business itself, and this mentality has helped shaped Neurobiologix into the brand it is today.

Kara started Neurobiologix, Inc. with her brother, Dr. Kendal Stewart, a renowned specialist in neurological and autism treatments. Together, they created Neurobologix, Inc. to offer a more personalized approach to nutritional supplements for Dr. Stewart's patients.

Apart from being the CEO and Co-founder of Neurobiologix, Inc., Kara and her brother Dr. Stewart host a podcast titled "Coffee with Dr. Stewart" which centers around every day medical issues one could encounter and how Dr. Stewart helps his patients. With over 50,000 downloads, Kara and her brother have helped guide listeners with their health and nutritional needs. Kara has been in the marketing and sales industry for over 20+ years and as Neurobiologix celebrates 10 years of operation, we can only expect more great things from Kara Stewart-Mullens and the company itself.

About Neurobiologix
Neurobiologix, Inc. specializes in natural and genetically designed nutritional supplements that assist with a range of health issues. Neurobiologix's mission is to provide a formula that not only helps achieve better results, but lessens the sheer number of products and family costs that are associated with invalidated supplementation.

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