New release of iSmartRecruit V-21.8

The automation tool is improved a lot with various features.

Online PR News – 06-June-2019 – middlesex, london – We provide the Recruitment CRM Software that is used by the corporate HR, recruiters and staffing agencies to streamline their day to day activities. The automation tool is a great approach to streamline the activities in a well-organized manner, saves time, efforts and helps your organization to grow.
The automation tool is now released with various features such as

→ Candidate Last Viewed By Recruiter
Now it is possible to track the views of the candidate profile. The system is going to record each view of the user. Sometimes if multiple recruiters are working on the same candidate, there is a chance to get conflicts in the processes. This feature is going to help in this situation.
Also, this option helps the administrator to track the activity of profile screening by the user. The option to view the history of views provided under candidate search result page.

→ Auto Close Candidate
This is a new automation feature we have introduced where system automatically close the candidate if there were no action performed since configured days.
You can set a certain time period and actions (status change) to be performed after the time limit on a candidate. If no action has been performed over a particular candidate in the defined time slot, the status would automatically change.

→ Active Jobs of Clients
We have provided an option to see all the open jobs of a particular Client from the Client screen. In the action menu, click on the option "View Jobs".

→ Candidate Status History in Jobs
Now you will able to see the candidate status history in the jobs screen also. You can see all the candidates with their historical statuses in tabular format for a particular job.

→ Projection Revenue Report
This is a great report to see the projected revenue of your business. The good part is like you can configure your own criteria and based on the criteria system is going to select the potential placements (hiring).

While creating a job you can define certain commission for your recruiters. It can be a projection pre-job status or projection status. For eg. If your recruiter makes 5 candidates apply for a job that has a commission of 100 rupees, he will get 500/- at the end of the month. This information you can get from this report.
It can have different projected revenue for different jobs, status and so on. So you can also have filters on these criteria.
It is possible to customize the status which has to be configured for the report.

→ Joining Details in the Jobs Screen
Now you can see or edit the candidate joining details in the jobs screen also. So you don't need to navigate to see to the pipeline screen to see all the candidates with their joining details for a particular job.

→ Show the Tasks in the Activity Stream
Now you can see tasks related to a particular candidate, candidate and lead in the Activity Stream in the view dialogue box. Every place where you can access the activity stream dialogue box, you can also see the associated tasks with that particular candidate, client or lead.

→ Rating of Candidate
If any client rate candidate through the self-service portal, the rating can be seen in the application as well.

→ Hyperlinks on Client, Candidate, Job
To make the application more user-friendly, added a hyperlink on the name of Client, Candidate and Job so in one click you can see the respective set of information.
→ Associate Note with Job & Candidate both
Now it is possible to associate a note with client and candidate both. In this case, when you try to see the activity stream of a candidate or client, it will be displayed.

→ Client Status Tracking
Now it is possible to track the client with different statuses. This feature helps you to segment your clients into different categories as well.

→ Lead Management
The following enhancement we did in the lead management module.

• Added many new fields for contact so more information can be captured for the lead contact.
• Added new field "Service" and values of "Service" can be customizable using catalogue.

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