CM Devendra Fadnavis launched 'Rokthok' - A book by BJP MLA Ameet Satam

BJP MLA Ameet Satam has written a book 'Rokthok'. This book is a compilation of all the speeches in Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra.

Online PR News – 05-June-2019 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – It was a Sunday evening and yet Mukesh Patel Auditorium, Vile Parle was filled up to the brim. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the book launch event to start. Many famous dignitaries were invited to be a part of the event. All the eyes were glued to the stage when a huge round of applause welcomed all the dignitaries on the stage. Our honorable Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, MLA Ameet Satam and many more stood there in grateful gesture and bowed in front of the crowd to thank them all. The event had started and the electrifying vibes could be felt in the air.

By giving shawl to all the guests, they were welcomed in the event. Meanwhile, our eyes fell on the book tied in a red ribbon enclosing the ideas and vision of future Mumbai. It was the time when the book launch was to happen. The book was brought to honorable Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and after giving a glance of the book to the audience, he opened the ribbon of the book. The whole auditorium was filled with the thundering sound of claps from the audience. It took a few minutes for the claps to settle to silence. The podium was taken by our MLA Ameet Satam to give us the sneak peek of the book. While telling about what the book has for the citizens of Mumbai, it was evident from his words that he is being candid and honest. Words seemed flowing straight from his heart. In the book, he has written about the speeches he had given in Vidhan Sabha, raising the issues people are facing in his constituency. Talking more about how he has intended to improve the life of the citizens of his constituency in every possible way. The speech filled the heart of the audience with the assurance that the government is in the right hands. Then BJP MLA Ameet Satam left the stage leaving the audience in awe still thinking over the vision that he has for Mumbai. A round of applause thundered the auditorium again.

Group News Editor of Lokmat Sanjeev Sabade came on stage, his speech was hilarious and made everyone laugh. After that Prafulla Marpakwar took over the stage, he is the political editor of The Times of India. He had lot to say about Ameet Satam's honesty and dedication for his work. The president of BJP Mumbai- Ashish Shelar took on the stage to present his views on the vision of Ameet Satam. Talking about the potential of Mumbai to be one of the finest city of the world, he laid his ideas in front of the audience. All the guests were given their time to speak on their views on the vision of Ameet Satam that he has written in the book.
The last to take on the stage was our honorable chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, when the auditorium was filled with the sounds of claps. Giving a warm thanks to everyone, Devendra Fadnavis went on for a few minutes to speak about BJP and its ideologies. He spoke about the development plans of Mumbai and how convenient and safe it would be for the citizens of Mumbai to live here. He then extended a few words of praise to MLA Ameet Satam for his exceptional work in his constituency and addressing the issues of citizens and raising those issues in Vidhan Sabha.

And then by thanking all the audience and the people in the panel, he left the podium.