Famed Glamour Photographer Publishes Cook Book

Viv Thomas might not be a chef, but he can cook and shows us how with his new cook book!

Online PR News – 29-May-2019 – London, UK – Sex sells. It's an irrefutable fact, and sadly one that's too often blatantly exploited. So what happens when it's inherently interwoven into your background as a highly successful photographer for the international glamour industry? Ignore the fact? Hide it?


Include it. Weave it in - in tasteful, sensual, elegant photographs for which you are known. In a manner that appeals to many; that adds the zing to the visual sense. We eat with our eyes first. Viv Thomas takes us on a culinary odyssey with his new cook book, 'I'm No Chef But I Can Cook', from Portugal to the Maldives to South Africa, imparting wisdom on everything from how to cook polvo (octopus) and unctuous Mozambican prawns dripping with garlic butter to what is the best charcoal or wood to use for the ubiquitious South African "braai" (BBQ), while regaling with anecdotes and very tasteful, erotic photography; an essential ingredient in Viv Thomas' life as an acclaimed photographer in that field.

"I'm not a Chef but I can Cook isn't just an ordinary cookbook. I believe people can relate to it. It's not just 'here are the ingredients and here's the method of how to put the dish together'. This book goes behind the scenes - to where and how the recipes came about - the passion, the love and the joy of cooking them. Each recipe has a heart and a soul and a history of being handed down the family generations."

Vivian Thomas was born in 1948 in South Africa. He met his wife, showgirl Avril Mouton, which prompted him to try glamour photography, becoming an icon in the international adult industry. But Viv has now put down the camera and picked up the spatula, sharing his recipes with the world and reminding us that even though we might not be a chef, we can still cook.

"My friends and family were always enthusiastic for my food. They were forever asking me for my recipes or telling me to make a record of the dishes that I produced because basically everything I devised was off the top of my head, with a pinch of this and a dash of that. I never really knew exactly what I put into a dish, so I started keeping notes."

'I'm No Chef But I Can Cook' is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and at www.olympiapublishes.com