Hodusoft Announce Omnichannel Contact Center Software That Boosts E-Commerce ROI

Hodusoft's omnichannel feature in its contact center software helps deliver consistently coherent and prompt responses to customers and thereby helps to improve

Online PR News – 27-May-2019 – Texas – Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, announced omnichannel contact center software purposed to suit Ecommerce and to help them boost their bottom line.

Speaking on the occasion, the company's VP said, "Ecommerce segment is fiercely competitive and works on wafer thin margins and an extremely fickle customer base. In this situation, the omnichannel contact center software from Hodusoft helps improve ROI for the ecommerce segment.

On being asked as to how omnichannel in contact center software can improve ROIs, he clarified that customers today have higher expectations and may use any channel for communication. Ecommerce needs to be extremely agile, flexible and versatile in handling any such communication and switch between channels with ease. Hodusoft's contact center solution fits the bill. It has voice mail, voice, email, fax, SMS, video, chat and social as branches of a unified omnichannel communication subsystem that fits in with the CRM and other communication channels. Omnichannel integration includes artificial intelligence features and the CC software keeps learning as more data streams in helping ecommerce segment speed up and fine hone responses and management through a single interface. "As matters stand, Hodusoft's software does include facebook, twitter and instagram and we plan to have whatsapp integration in a short time.

There are several ways omnichannel integration helps improve ROIs for ecommerce segment he elaborated with various case scenarios. A prospective customer may be teetering on the edge of decision and voicing his concerns on a social media channel. The ecommerce retailers can tap into such channel and convincingly pursue the lead to a satisfactory conclusion. A buyer may order a product and return it because he does not know how to use it and considers it defective. A person who has bought a product may voice concerns about services like replacement. In such cases, it becomes easy to use the omnichannel feature, especially video chat, for more convincing and cogent discussion that results in a satisfied customer and fewer problems of returns. Returns are expensive for the ecommerce platform and the retailer selling on that platform. Sometimes it can be a total loss since an opened package cannot be sold even if there is nothing wrong with it.

Omnichannel with its consistency and coherence, certainly helps in better conversions, up-selling and cross-selling as well as in raising customer experience. It can be used in several other ways such as launching campaigns and promoting competitions or bargain sales. It can be used for surely social purposes with a marketing slant such as personalized greetings and a keep-in-touch policy. It brings in human warmth to an otherwise coldly sterile marketplace operation.

While on the topic I would like to say that Hodusoft has integrated WebRTC with its video and audio chat in a superior way and that alone is wroth the money. Can you imagine the happiness of a customer when he can talk and actually see the customer service representative? Video does all that and also allows an agent to give a product demo - a perfect way to make an undecided caller a decided customer or to appease an irate customer.

Interested ecommerce operators may get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on http://hodusoft.com/contact-center-software/

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12771784-hodusoft-announce-omnichannel-contact-center-software-that-boosts-commerce-roi.html