Remitbee Recognized as a 'Global FinTech Leader' in Toronto

TFI recognize Remitbee Online Money Transfer as a 'Global FinTech Leader' in Toronto. Read the full press release announcement from Remitbee here.

Online PR News – 25-May-2019 – Mississauga, – On March 25th 2019, Toronto Finance International (TFI) named Remitbee as one of the leading Financial Technology (FinTech) companies in Toronto. The full report by TFI highlights how Canada's largest FinTech ecosystem has continued to grow and expand over the past 6 years. It also states that there is "significant opportunity to increase its share of global deals" if we FinTech companies continue to innovate.
At Remitbee Online Money Transfer, we are incredibly proud to be named as one of the leading FinTech companies in this area of Toronto. We work for the immigrants of Canada, connecting them with their families financially on a global scale through affordable remittances.

Toronto Finance International Report
There is growing competition in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada between FinTech companies focusing specifically on the needs of immigrants. This only makes our achievement even more notable. It is our hard work to create an innovative platform for immigrants that has won us this recognition.
The TFI report regards a FinTech start-up as leading through these criteria:
• FinTechs that have publicly disclosed more than $500,000 in equity financing.
• FinTechs that have received considerable national media coverage for their products or services.
Of the 194 FinTech start-ups surveyed by TFI, only 40 were selected as leading. Remitbee now has a well-deserved place among a list of leading Toronto FinTech start-ups, that includes recognizable names such as:
• Shopify
• Wave
• Zensurance
• Coinsquare
• Equibit
• NexusCrowd
Here at Remitbee, we are incredibly pleased that our work is helping to build the FinTech industry in Toronto, not only creating more jobs and financial solutions for immigrants but supporting the financial ecosystem.
TFI's report shows that Toronto has one of the highest investment growth rates globally, with an increasing number of sizeable global deals occurring each year. Remitbee is proud to have contributed to the Canadian economy and will continue to do so.

Innovating FinTech in Toronto
While we are celebrating our success as a leading FinTech company, we are also looking towards the future. The TFI report highlights a few key areas that the Toronto FinTech industry needs to focus on to grow further.
• Openness and proximity. TFI suggests FinTech companies working together within Toronto and strengthening local bonds. This will improve our technology and push FinTech towards more efficient, user-friendly and affordable solutions.
• Global awareness. TFI suggests that to elevate Toronto's status as a leading FinTech hub, we should build a global reputation by forging bonds internationally. Through hiring talent from across the globe to attracting overseas investments.
At Remitbee, these are important factors for our business. We have direct partnerships with Punjab National Bank, Sacombank and Nations Trust Bank, just to name a few. Working with financial institutions all around the world allows us to lead the way with faster, securer and easier transactions.
As we enter the second half of 2019, we will continue to raise the bar in Toronto. We will innovate our platform and build new relationships for the benefit of our customers.
At its heart, Remitbee is a company for the people. For the immigrants. For the real heroes in our communities - those that graciously send their money back home.
So, we'd like to personally thank everyone who uses Remitbee for making the platform what it is today. Our achievement and recognition from TFI is as much your victory as it is ours.