Smart Home Guide Launches Personalized Buying Advisor Bot For Home Appliance

Smart Home Guide Launches Personalized Buying Adviser Bot For Home Appliances

Online PR News – 23-May-2019 – Bangalore – Buying a home appliance like TV, refrigerator or a washing machine can be an overwhelming experience for many. First you are boggled by the marketing jargon. Then you have to match them with your actual requirements. Overall it takes most laymen anywhere from a week to 2 months to finalize a choice.

Solving this problem, the brother-sister duo Rashin and Parvathy Pothan have come up with the idea of a chat bot that is essentially a Personalized Buying adviser. Users can tell their requirements to the Chatbot and processing through the database of products, the Chatbot helps you find the right products that match your requirements. Finally, they narrow down to one or two options which the user can choose from.

Rashin and Parvathy stumbled upon this idea when they started receiving plenty of mails and comments on their home appliance price comparison and review platform Smart Home Guide, seeking personalized recommendation for choosing appliances like refrigerator, TV, washing machine and AC.

Parvathy says, "Though we have detailed buying guides helping readers understand about important features and aspects to consider while buying major appliances, we are unable to provide timely personalized recommendations to all. We often receive mails like" We are a joint family of non vegetarians. Can you recommend a side by side refrigerator suiting our needs that doesn't consume much electricity." We try to respond to all mails and comments. But it is quite time consuming especially when we get about 40 to 50 mails a day."

During a brain storming session the founders were discussing about possibilities of automation. Rashin, who is basically a developer who has built Chatbots for various businesses in Australia and USA proposed the idea of developing a Chatbot providing Personalized Buying recommendations. Surveys were quite positive and the technical team comprising 3 members headed by Rashin is now working on it. The team expects to launch the first prototype on Facebook Messenger and their website by September. Revenue will be mainly through affiliate commissions from e-commerce websites.

Rashin says, " Though the platform is ready, developing recommendations matching various features and functionalities with customer requirements require a lot of planning and mapping. The artificial intelligence employed by the Chatbot also learns from user feedback to improve its answer and thus refine user experience. Overall, it requires a lot of information input in the initial stage."

The present platform that includes price comparison and review was launched 2 years back and is completely bootstrapped. Since past 6 months, it has been breaking even too. The founders have been mainly relying on their personal savings for the chat bot development and are in talks with a few investors for funding too.