New PDF Xpansion SDK 14 - More Features for eInvoicing, Document Layouting & Editing

In many companies, electronic invoices have already replaced their paper ancestors.

Online PR News – 23-May-2019 – Bochum – Bochum, Germany., May 22, 2019 -- In many companies, electronic invoices have already replaced their paper ancestors. The reason: processes linked to invoices (creation of and working with incoming and outgoing invoices) are handled much easier and faster with electronic instead of paper documents. The new version 14 of the PDF Xpansion SDK offers components for the data formats FACTUR-X, ZUGFeRD 2.0 and XRechnung. These formats allow eInvoicing that complies both with the EU standard EN 16931 and with directive 2014/55/EU.


In order to establish eInvoices on a broad level, they have to fulfil important requirements: most importantly, the use of a common (standard) data format on the one hand, and the existence of laws/regulations that define the implementation rules for supplier and buyer, on the other hand.

Currently, the formats FACTUR-X (in Germany and France), ZUGFeRD and XRechnung (both in Germany) are intensely discussed both professionally and publicly on symposia and on trade fairs. ZUGFeRD is the German language abbreviation for „Zentraler User Guide Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland", which means „Central User Guide Forum Electronic Invoice Germany").

Many software companies have already developed solutions based on these formats. On the users´ side, more and more companies are interested in these solutions. All formats mentioned above comply with the European legislation on eInvoicing (standard EN 16931 and directive 2014/55/EU).

ZUGFeRD combines a printable invoice (PDF/A-3 file as visual representation of the invoice data, a digital media format instead of the corresponding paper invoice) with an embedded XML file that presents the invoice data in a specifically structured way. The current ZUGFeRD 2.0 (recently published on March 11 2019) is a suitable format, since it complies both with the EU standard EN 16931 and with directive 2014/55/EU.


Soft Xpansion has just launched version 14 of its PDF Xpansion SDK. It grants software developers to use wide possibilities to create and edit PDF, PDF/A or XPS documents, to display and print them, to convert between formats, and to export or/and import to/from other file formats. PDF Xpansion SDK 14 implements these features in Windows desktop (PC) applications as well as in Microsoft Store apps.

The main new available features of version 14 are components for FACTUR-X, ZUGFeRD 2.0 and for XRechnung, plus an API for the creation of ZUGFeRD 2.0 compliant XML files. PDF Xpansion SDK 14 thus enables developers to implement eInvoicing in their applications that complies both with the EU standard EN 16931 and with directive 2014/55/EU.


PDF Xpansion SDK 14 additionally comes with new editing features in its Rich Edit API, with optimizations in the document layout functionality and with an enhanced support of the JavaScript DOM (Document Object Model).


* More standards for eInvoicing: FACTUR-X, ZUGFeRD 2.0, ZUGFeRD 1.0, XRechnung
* PDF/A based eInvoices: extract XML invoice, validate embedding, create invoices using compliant XML, convert to PDF/A-3
* XML based eInvoices: read invoice data, validate XML structure, create invoices using the PDF Xpansion SDK API
* Optimization of document layout functionality: export to PDF, including links, outline, annotations, layers, fields, etc.
* Additional editing features: shapes and tables in Rich Content API
* Improved support of JavaScript DOM


Detailed information is available on the PDF Xpansion SDK 14 product page. The page also offers a trial license that comes with a detailed product guide and an illustrative programming reference for developers.

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