launching of a great book

Online PR News – 22-May-2019 – May 21 - Birmingham – Topmost bestselling author Givon Wayne proudly announce the release of one of the finest and amazing piece of literature of the modern age titled "AIR_CONDITIONED SUNSHINE".
The fast selling book, which is an eclectic collection of poetry and short stories with an immense and automatic love by all and sundry has been slated for launch on the 23rd day of May 2019.
"AIR_CONDITIONED SUNSHINE" is another great work from multi talented word monger whose specialism has no bounds in making use of the right words in conveying powerful messages in a unique way such that all levels of readers get to understand what the contents entails.
'Air conditioned sunshine' is that book with cool poems anyone would find curious comical and uplifting, this is that book that keeps the mind refreshed especially about various great and wonderful moments and aspect of life. As well, it also reminds one that there are days in this life when everything seems perfect; days when the sun is shining and the air is cool, it's the kind of days to simply relax and enjoy the moment.
The book which has been enjoying massive recommendation and reviews across the country and beyond has been made available on the iTunes store, Amazon, and Lulu.com as well as the author's website.
"I like to read things that inspire and encourage me to enjoy life more and to be able to love my Creator and people more deeply. I like things that make me a better me. Givon's work has done that for me. I highly recommend Givon's book, AIR-CONDITIONED SUNSHINE. You will be inspired, entertained, enlightened, and pleased. How he uses words to convey ideas is the epitome of mastery; and his ideas are full of love, faith, hope, and life." M. George
"Quite a lot of things we get engage to in life gets approved within us due to how these things makes us feel, we all want to always feel good. This book air conditioned sunshine id one book that accomplishes this…it makes you feel good. The collection of various short stories and poetry span the gamut of the most important things that deeply touch all aspect of life. Reading through one wish and dream girl made me inspired and encouraged about the possibility of love, I was touched by his poem, Papaw's Name, in which he honored and paid tribute to his grandfather. That poem has made me want to love my grandchildren in such a way so that when they are old, they will look back on the love I have had for them in the same way that Givon has looked back on the love his Papaw had for him….in summary the whole content entails good poetry and good stories with possibly personal context but general concepts." Anonymous reader
Givon Wayne is a seasoned writer with multiple awards from various works done in past and present. Wayne finds pleasure in writing great pieces to help give back to mankind by helping readers get refreshed.
This book is a must read for everyone especially erudite and readers, be sure to expect appreciation from loved ones as who gets this book based on recommendation.