Chinese-American Author Speaks on the Inspiration Behind Her Historical Novels

Iris Yang will speak on June 8 at Flagstaff Public Library about her two historical novels on the Flying Tigers and their contributions to China in WWII.

Online PR News – 21-May-2019 – Sedona, AZ – Iris Yang, a Chinese-American author, will speak on June 8 at 12:00 pm at Flagstaff Public Library about her two historical novels on the Flying Tigers (American Volunteer Group) and their contributions to China in WWII. Her novels, Wings of a Flying Tiger and Will of a Tiger, have received excellent reviews nationwide. Ms. Yang has been interviewed on National Public Radio (WUNC's "The State of Things") and has spoken to dozens of veteran's groups, civic organizations, and libraries.

Ms. Yang was born and raised in China where Americans were called "American Devils." Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine writing books about American heroes. In fact, writing was a dangerous career when books were being burned and her grandmother, the first Chinese woman to receive a Master's degree in the UK, was wrongfully accused of being a Counter-Revolutionary Rightist and fired from her university job. Ms. Yang had to choose a safer path—to study science.

After graduating from Wuhan University, she was accepted by the prestigious CUSBEA (China-United States Biochemistry Examination and Application program). At age 23, with poor English, little knowledge of the country, and 500 borrowed dollars, she came to the United States as a graduate student at the University of Rochester, NY. She received a Ph.D. in molecular biology, and moved to NC to manage a laboratory at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Although she published a number of scientific papers, Ms. Yang had a passion for creative writing, just like her grandmother, mother, and aunt. Her debut novel Wings of a Flying Tiger was published in June 2018, and its sequel Will of a Tiger was released in January 2019. She holds a private pilot license, and her admiration for fighter pilots was clearly conveyed in her books.

"Both books are works of fiction," Ms. Yang explains. "But to me, they are also personal. As a Chinese, I'm thankful for the Flying Tigers' bravery and sacrifice; without their help, the course of Chinese history might have been changed, my family might not have survived, and I might not have existed. As a U.S. citizen, I'm honored to write a book about the American heroes. It's a privilege. A duty."

Her talk was highly recommended by Jenny Levine, Humanities & Adult Programming Coordinator at Durham County (NC) Public Library: "Iris Yang brings her heart, soul, and some critical historical knowledge to her very well-planned presentation. Attendees were charmed by her thoughtful sharing of Chinese history in the context of the incredible story of the Flying Tigers, as well as her writing journey."

Later this year Ms. Yang has been invited to attend the Flying Tigers WWII Veterans Reunion in San Diego September 25 to 29, 2019.

WINGS OF A FLYING TIGER: World War Two. Japanese occupied China. One cousin's courage, another's determination to help a wounded American pilot. (Amazon)

WILL OF A TIGER: Sworn brothers—one American, one Chinese—captured, imprisoned, tortured. Survival is just the beginning of the battle... (Amazon)

"Chinese-American writer Iris Yang's heart wrenching story is now a hot sale in the United States."—Xinhua Net (the largest state-run news agency in China)

"More than 70 years after WWII, a Chinese-American writer has introduced the Nanking Massacre, the Bombing of Chungking, and particularly the battles fought together by the Chinese and their American friends (the Flying Tigers) in the form of an English novel. Undoubtedly, it's a good thing for the relationship between China and the United States, today and in the future."—The China Press Weekly (front page story)

"A smashing historical account of China's chilling bloodbath during World War II… I recommend this heartfelt read with no hesitation to any admirer of historical fiction."—Paul Falk, author and book reviewer

"Highly recommended for readers of Historical Fiction, General Fiction, Multi-Cultural Fiction, Asian Fiction and anyone with a heart." —The Brown Bookloft

"A well-crafted historical fiction with a distinctly cinematic feel to it..."—Emerald Book Reviews

"Even more than Wings of a Flying Tiger, Will of a Tiger is also a way of thanking veterans."—Priscilla's Zine & Bookstore

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