New Oasis Website For Medi Spa Lovers

The Oasis Medi Spa releases a new website.

Online PR News – 17-May-2019 – Olds, Alberta – The Oasis Medi Spa has launched its new website.

The Oasis Medical Spa is the ultimate oasis experience for people in Olds and surrounding areas. The experienced staff have been providing high-quality and convenient treatments, including laser acne treatment, laser therapy, wrinkle treatment, body wraps, skin tightening and laser hair removal for everyone that needs it. Their passionate team of professionals will provide you with a relaxing, comfortable and pleasant experience.

The Oasis Medi Spa decided that it needed a new website to provide a more engaging experience for users, make it easier for them to book a consultation, and be more informative with its treatments.

The old website was clunky and dull, but the new design provides users with fluid navigation and easy access to vital information. First-time users and returning customers can easily navigate the site now, as well as being welcomed with slicker, lighter and more transparent design.

The previous website made it difficult for customers to book a consultation with Oasis. The new design makes it easier for clients to book. All service and treatment pages now have an immediate, and simple-to-fill call to action button, which will allow users to schedule an appointment with no hassles.

New content boxes and images were uploaded to provide users with a direct link to the vital information that they need. They will be able to gain more insightful information on the medi spa service they are interested with a simple click.

Overall the new website delivers a better service to all Oasis Medi Spa users.

Visit the new website: