Leading CRM Data Quality Company, Symphonic Source, Reaches 75,000 Application Downloads

Innovation, growth, and unwavering business values lead to distinctive milestone

Online PR News – 14-May-2019 – Dallas, TX – Symphonic Source, Inc. today announced that it has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 75,000 installs of their innovative data cleansing applications for Salesforce. Through Symphonic Source's offerings, Cloudingo and DupeCatcher, Salesforce users can eliminate dirty data that exists in their database and prevent duplicate records from being created. By dedicating resources to data quality initiatives, Salesforce users leverage the benefits of clean data - increased productivity, reduced marketing costs, and exceptional customer service.

The road to 75,000 installs

In 2010 Symphonic Source recognized a need to prevent duplicate records from entering Salesforce environments. At the time there was no solution for this problem. The result was Symphonic Source's first product, DupeCatcher, a free and fully supported application. Since its inception, DupeCatcher has consistently remained one of the most downloaded applications on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The huge popularity of DupeCatcher highlighted bigger problems that users faced: the need to eliminate existing duplicates with greater flexibility across the entire dataset.

When we started this company our philosophy was to listen to the needs of the marketplace deliver quality products and provide outstanding customer service. These beliefs remain our top priority today and because of that our company remains viable strong and a leader in the Salesforce data quality arena.

In the fall of 2012 Symphonic Source released the first version of Cloudingo. "We saw a gap in the ability for organizations to improve Salesforce data quality," said Lars Nielsen, president of Symphonic Source and a founding member. "Data is a company's most valued asset. When that data is dirty, it becomes untrustworthy and unreliable." Since its release, Cloudingo has morphed from a basic deduplication application to a robust data quality and management tool, complete with enterprise capabilities.

Symphonic Source cofounder, Stephen Harding, reflected on the company's milestone by saying, "When we started this company, our philosophy was to listen to the needs of the marketplace, deliver quality products, and provide outstanding customer service. These beliefs remain our top priority today, and because of that, our company remains viable, strong, and a leader in the Salesforce data quality arena."

More innovations on the horizon

As the Salesforce ecosystem continues to evolve, so does Symphonic Source's product offerings.

Recently the company has put more focus and resources into CRM data migrations. Currently Symphonic Source's migration services team specializes in Salesforce to Salesforce data transfer; however, the company also provides data movement to and from other systems. "Data is both a critical resource, and remarkably dynamic," said Nielsen. "Moving data between systems is complex under the best circumstances. We've developed technology that makes this process nearly seamless." As part of an engagement, the services team reviews the data source, target, and structure, then uses its proprietary technology to execute the data migration.

Symphonic Source's suite of data quality and management products is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Products and services can also be obtained by directly contacting the company.

About Symphonic Source

Symphonic Source, Inc. delivers a full range of data management and data quality tools and services, from data cleansing, and integration, to deduplication, enabling users to realize the full potential of cloud-based and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Its mission is to provide customers with resources to manage the exponential growth in data, saving time and money and adding efficiency.

Symphonic Source's data quality products, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio make it possible to eliminate and prevent duplicates and manage data in the Salesforce database. Its customized data management services make it possible for small to enterprise level organizations to fully take advantage of their investment in valuable data resources. Their applications are offered on the Salesforce AppExchange and have received over 450 user reviews. DupeCatcher is available at no cost, and Cloudingo's yearly subscription platform comes with a free 10-day trial.

Symphonic Source is a registered Salesforce ISV partner. The company is privately-held with offices in Dallas, Texas.

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