The Solar Nerd launches to provide a friendlier solar buying experience for homeowners

New website gives consumers research tools to find out the cost of solar and make the solar buying experience less intimidating and confusing for consumers.

Online PR News – 11-May-2019 – Buffalo, NY – Looking to make the solar buying experience less intimidating and confusing for consumers, The Solar Nerd website has launched with a suite of features that are unique in the residential solar industry. For solar installers struggling with high customer acquisition costs, these features also promise to produce higher quality and lower cost solar leads.

These features include automatic geolocation and mapping that allows users to see who in their neighborhood has solar from a database of 1.3 million US solar installations, and what the cost of those installations were. For many consumers, residential solar is still a mysterious product, and this kind of unfamiliarity represents a barrier that must be overcome in the sales cycle. By allowing users to see that many of their neighbors chose to go solar, The Solar Nerd helps skeptical consumers see that solar can be a viable and smart choice for them.

The Solar Nerd also allows existing solar homeowners to join the Solar Nerd community and connect their API-enabled inverters, allowing them to create a website profile that includes real-time solar generation data. Other users can then see their profile and ask questions, giving people a way to learn more about solar directly from the neighbors.

The website also includes an industry-leading solar pricing calculator that breaks down the cost of a residential solar installation, including estimates of federal, state, and local incentives. The price estimates that users see are based on the best available price-per-watt data from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Users only need to enter a zip code and a few details about their roof, and then are presented with an estimated cost breakdown, power generation, and payback period.

If the payback period is very long, the calculator presents the data impartially and suggests to the user that solar might not be right for them. "Many solar websites take the hard sell approach and dishonestly suggest that solar is good for everyone," says company founder Dale Lum. "The Solar Nerd is about giving accurate information to consumers. Ultimately, this is better for both the consumer and the solar industry."

Finally, The Solar Nerd includes an extensive library of original content, including a guide to buying solar that contains an ebook's worth of content for free.

Once a homeowner has used these research tools and concluded that solar is right for them, they can fill out a form to receive solar installation quotes from local installers. However, contrary to a trend that's emerging in the residential solar industry, The Solar Nerd only works with installers who produce estimates by meeting with the customer in person.

"Some websites want to reduce customer friction by making the solar buying experience similar to booking a hotel online," says Dale Lum. "But it's not possible to give a homeowner an accurate solar quote without an in-home visit to check for issues such as electrical panels that need to be upgraded or roof problems that need to be fixed. I think that moving to online-only quotes is misguided and ultimately bad for the consumer."

Consumers who want to give The Solar Nerd a try can visit on their desktop browser, tablet, or smartphone.

Solar installers interested in providing quotes to users of The Solar Nerd can visit to find out more and apply to join the installer network.

About The Founder

The Solar Nerd is the product of solo founder Dale Lum. He is a software professional with 20 years of experience with very high traffic consumer websites in a broad range of industries. His startup experience includes being an early employee of Location Inc, a successful company that provides location-based data and tools for risk analysis for corporate users nationwide. LinkedIn:

Dale Lum, Founder
(716) 402-6644