Legion Finance Trade Limited Has Granted A Loan to Triskata International for PV plant Installation

Loan Agreement signed between Legion Finance Trade Limited and Triskata International For PV Plant Installation.

Online PR News – 09-May-2019 – London, United Kingdom – The Legion Finance Trade Limited Group signed a loan agreement in the aggregate amount of up to 897 million Euro with Triskata International, a company incorporated in the Republic of Czech, a privately owned PV plant company in Czech. The loan, provided in project financing, will finance the installation of 680MW of power plant in the city of Prague. The loan is structured against political insurance risk guarantee handled by the CSOB.

In this project, Triskata International will build, own and operate the power plant for a service period of 20 years through United Energy, the country's largest Producer of electricity and heat in northern Bohemia. A developing Power station that generates electrical power using photovoltic cells, the power is meant to feed electricity into the public grid. The company has thus pressing needs for Photovoltaics a brand of technology that applies the use of solar cells by converting the energy from the sun directly into electricity.

As demand for solar energy is increasing in Czech Republic and other parts of the world, there is prospect of expanding market for PV Plant. Czech firms are thus planning to enter this market. In addition to United Energy, which has participated in this project, Powersun the biggest operators of Photovoltic plants in the region of Hustopece and Kyjov, has also participated, serving as a technical consultant to Triskata International by strengthening ties with United Energy, UE hopes to participate in Photovoltic projects to be undertaken by Triskata International, as it is a leading user in the energy market.

Edward Siciliano the CEO for Legion Finance Trade Limited Group said the LFTL is committed to providing effective support in financing project activities by drawing on its range of financial sources and schemes in response to their concrete needs.

Barry Brogan the CFO and member of the board of directors for Legion Finance Trade Limited added in his comment that 2019 is a big year for the group's operation as investors are on the loophole to pull their resources to backup projects being structured under Legion Finance Trade Limited Group.

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