Vicious Car Crash Inspires Writer to Publish Thrilling Science Fiction Series

The idea came to the Chicago writer while she was on bed rest for nine months

Online PR News – 09-May-2019 – Chicago, Illinois – New Chicago author Courtney Leigh Pahlke is publishing an apocalyptic science fiction series that is based on a startling discovery about her blood type while being hospitalized for serious injuries from a major car crash.

Pahlke was in her hometown on a country road, heading to a family party. While waiting to make a left turn, a distracted driver drove into the back of her Jeep at the projected speed of at least 55 mph.

"My life changed in seconds. One second I'm enjoying the summer breeze and before I know it, I'm hearing and feeling crunching metal."

Pahlke's life took a different turn that day. Suffering both neck and back injuries, she spent close to two years recovering. Once coming to terms with how long her recovery could take, Pahlke researched diets and foods for decreasing inflammation. A friend suggested the blood type diet. Pahlke didn't know her blood type but found it from hospital notes. When she Googled her blood type, her jaw dropped.

She discovered her blood origin was unknown, which was also a topic linked to many conspiracy theories. For the next six months, Pahlke researched the topic and came up with an idea for her first novel. She took bits and pieces from each of the horrifying conspiracy theories and drafted an outline, deciding one day she'd write the story.

In April 2017, Pahlke had back surgery. Faced with more healing time, she wrote the first book. According to Pahlke, this novel saved her. She said she experienced serious depression by the third month of bed rest and did not know how to make the time pass.

"I was scared and also learning how much your spinal cord links to the movement of your arms and legs. There was a point I felt the electrical jolts from nerve pain down all four limbs. I guess researching and outlining a potential novel kept my mind occupied. It gave me hope. After back surgery, I took all of my bottled up frustration and poured it into a book."

Pahlke says completing the book gave her closure from the accident. She's excited for her first book "Anna and the Resurgent of the Precious Blood" to come out May 13th, 2019, and is ready to start the next character novel in the Life Force Preserve series. Visit for more information.

Science fiction and medical thriller enthusiasts worldwide can purchase "Anna and the Resurgent of the Precious Blood" on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, eBooks2go, Google Play and Kobo.

Courtney Pahlke graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in psychology and a secondary in creative writing. She worked at the Crisis Center in Iowa city leading to graduation day, where she went back home to Illinois with a plan. Courtney hoped to gain her masters degree in forensic psychology at a school in Chicago, while working for her dad, to pay for school. After the first year working for her dad's company, she decided not to continue on with school and grow the family business instead.

When Pahlke is not brainstorming the next plot for the Life Force Preserve series, she is growing her father's empire with her brother Garrett at Top Coverage, taking pictures of food and her city, or taking a crack at a new recipe.