Bondingtree has started the first premarital health checkup clinic in Kolkata

Ruby general hospital in collaboration with Bondingtree at city of Kolkata has launched the service of pre-wedding health screening and free family couselling

Online PR News – 08-May-2019 – Kolkata, West Bengal – Ruby general hospital, a renowned hospital at city of Kolkata in collaboration with Bondingtree has launched a pre-marriage clinic to help couples strengthen their bond, avoid conflict and understand their compatibility.
Couples can visit Bondingtree individually or with families and consult physicians & psychologists.
"This initiative is aimed at creating premarital awareness. When a couple decides to get married, how often do they or their family members think of psychological, emotional & biological compatibility? If that is not done then in certain situations the couple might face problems." Said Dr. D.P. Smaddar, director, medical affairs, Ruby General Hospital.
Screening will include consultation with psychologists besides medical tests such as HIV 1 & 2, blood group & RH typing and thalassemia.
The idea was prompted by a flood of enquiries about premarital health checkups. "Couples were coming to us for premarital health checkups. Some wanted to get tests done without a prescription. There were couples who decided to separate apprehending certain things after getting the test reports but not fully understanding them" said Dr. Subhas Dutta, general manager, operations. "Here we'll offer to sit and discuss and the ambiance will be of a drawing room and not a doctor's chamber" he added. Couples will have separate sessions with doctors & also with their family members. The idea is not to create fear in the minds of people but to make them aware. "This will be an awareness programme because emotionally couples have their own desires & expectations. As individuals they have grown up with certain set of beliefs and value system but it is for individuals to understand one another and not think that one is right & other person is wrong", psychologist Dr. Sukanta Mitra said.