Pollyanna Sculpture Inspires Recognition

NH House Bill HB572, officially recognizing the second Saturday in June as 'Pollyanna of Littleton - New Hampshire Recognition Day,' was approved.

Online PR News – 06-May-2019 – Littleton, NH – By a proclamation passed by both the New Hampshire House and Senate, and awaiting Gov. Chris Sununu's signature, the glad optimism of Pollyanna will be celebrated throughout the Granite State annually on the second Saturday of June.

The fictional character, Pollyanna, created by Littleton-born author Eleanor H. Porter (1868-1920), has become known far and wide as a beacon of perpetual gladness and good cheer. Littleton has long celebrated Pollyanna and her uplifting spirit specifically since the 2002 formation of the non-profit organization Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc.

Commissioned by the Eames family of Littleton, NH, a jubilant bronze sculpture of Pollyanna, her head tipped back and arms spread wide to welcome the world, created by artist Emile Birch, was installed on the lawn in front of the Littleton Library. Since then, the town has celebrated Pollyanna Glad Day each June, encouraging residents and visitors to, "Be Glad. Be Cheerful. Eat Cake!"

Led by NH state Rep. Linda Massamilla and co-sponsored by Rep. Erin Hennessey, both of Littleton, House Bill 572 would proclaim the second Saturday in June as Pollyanna of Littleton - New Hampshire Recognition Day.

Hennessey and her husband, John Hennessey, were named the 2018 Pollyanna Signature Honorees last year, an accolade bestowed each year to area individuals who exhibit the character and spirit of Pollyanna by living positively and inspiring gladness in an outstanding way.

"I'm very GLAD this bill received such positive support in the House and Senate," said Hennessey. "What we celebrate each June in Littleton will now be celebrated throughout New Hampshire. Our state is very welcoming and optimistic, and this bill gives us an opportunity to celebrate these traits each year."

By encouraging the proclamation to declare the second Saturday of June as Pollyanna Day throughout the state, Pollyanna admirers hope the optimism of the celebration will spread to other New Hampshire communities and that schools, libraries, and citizens will commemorate the day with appropriately glad ceremonies and activities.

For more information about Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc. and the June 8, 2019 Pollyanna Glad Day, visit golittleton.com.