Fortifier Publishes Research Report on Outsourcing Problems and Solutions in the Insurtech Industry

The pain, pills, and potions in outsourcing insurtech software development.

Online PR News – 02-May-2019 – Kharkiv – Fortifier, as a technical vendor that provides outsourcing development
services for the insurance industry leaders and startups conducted a survey
on the outsourcing software development specifically in the Insurtech industry.

The report gives answers to such important questions like:
- Which tasks do companies tend to outsource?
- What drives companies to opt for outsourcing?
- What challenges do clients encounter when outsourcing?
- What challenges do development partners face when working with insurance companies?

Due to a survey among industry leaders, useful tips on how to overcome the barriers and get to the point where IT and insurers benefit from each other are represented in the report. Additionally, Fortifier shares a comprehensive guide on how to find a remote development partner step by step.

The full report can be found by the link:

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