Ecosmob Announce Updated Class 5 Softswitch Software for VoIP Service Providers

Class 5 SoftSwitch is an intelligent residential VoIP solution for VoIP Service Providers.

Online PR News – 30-April-2019 – Arlington, TX – Ecosmob, Global VoIP tech leaders, announced updated Class 5 softswitch for VoIP service providers with a range of customizable options for superior performance and ease of use.
Ecosmob, a global leader in VoIP technologies, announced updated class 5 softswitch solutions for carriers and VoIP service providers. Keeping in step with current trend towards softswitches and multimedia inclusions in IP traffic, the better terminology would be to call it an IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS, said the VP of Ecosmob on the occasion.

"There have been small but significant changes in the background in order to incorporate some more features and to handle the ever growing traffic volume on IP networks," said the VP. "These changes make our class 5 switch faster, contribute to flawless operation and allow carriers as well as VoIP flexibility in configuration to suit varied clients and their requirements."

Enumerating some of the features of the improved VoIP softswitch software, he said that the solution blends in easily in the Unified Communications landscape. It blends in cable, xDSL, Fx, Wifi, Wi-Max technologies and handles millions of subscribers with effortless ease. Further, there have been all round improvements in mobility features, SMS, PIN to PIN Balance Transfers and callshop systems allowing service providers to cast their net far and wide and rope in more customers. This class 5 switch version has been leaned down without affecting performance, which means it is less resource hungry while being more capable of handling higher traffic.

Then there are other features such as multiple calls on one account, agent account, batch management and customer management that make life easier to service providers dealing with thousands of customers. Profitability and cost reductions arise from incorporation of multiple gateway support and multiple SIP providers underlined by a strong LCR engine. Service provider can easily configure limitations and costs according to customers.

As for call features, Ecosmob class 5 switch can handle wholesale, calling card, PC phone, device phone, phone to phone and mobile VoIP with guaranteed performance assured by server failover redundant architecture.

Billing is an important aspect of VoIP services and, in this department too, there are significant improvements. There is multi-language, multi-currency support along with user defined categories according to customers. Service providers can set rates, generate invoices and receive payment through a single dashboard, in addition to a channel for commission management for agents.

Our forte, said the VP, is extreme customization. Our team of class 5 softswitch developers tailor solutions to meet current needs of VoIP service providers while keeping open the option for further expansion through a modular approach.

Ecosmob has partnered carriers and VoIP service providers down the years with total commitment and support. Customers who opt for Ecosmob solutions not only gain cutting edge technologies future proofed for the next year but are also assured of updates and total support for installation in their existing ecosystem. Plus, one of the best things is that Ecosmob solutions are very affordable compared to features.

VoIP service providers interested in knowing more about class 5 softswitches from Ecosmob may phone on 1-303-997-3139, 91 79 40054019 or chat live on