GX Sciences Adds Robust Webinar Series To Their Provider Educational Platform

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Online PR News – 30-April-2019 – Austin, Texas – GX Sciences is excited to offer our Providers our on-demand webinar series! Each webinar episode discusses a different DNA testing panel that we offer. GX Sciences testing panel webinars are designed to be a key resource for Providers to learn more about the intricate details of each panel and how to relay important genetic information to their patients. It is important to us that we stay committed to furthering education on nutrigenomics to new and current Providers working with us.

Taking in all the information at once about our nutrigenomic testing panels can be overwhelming. We created a simple format for our GX testing panel webinars to include a comprehensive panel review and go over treatment protocols. Each webinar is led by Dr. Kendal Stewart, the current Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for GX Sciences, Neurobiologix, and Dr. Neurobiologix. Dr. Stewart walks you through each webinar episode with helpful diagrams and slides to help viewers fully understand our panels. Current testing panels that we have webinars for are Foundation | Methylation | Wellness, Immune | Auto-Immune, Neuro | Psych, Developmental, Detoxification, Men's Health, Traumatic Brain Injury | Post Concussion, Neurotransmitters, Women's Health, and Autophagy. Our Gastrointestinal, Pharmacogenomic (PGx), Chronic Pain & Essential Vitamins panel webinars will be released very soon, along with many more!

The world of nutrigenomics is constantly changing and we want these webinars to provide insight into what genetic testing can offer by continuously adding to our Provider educational platform for GX Sciences. Providers should be able to use our webinars to help guide their patients on what testing panel may be best for their needs and how to best utilize the report result information. As a Provider, it is important to learn how you can improve a patient's overall health with these tests, which is why GX Sciences is dedicated to teaching Providers and patients more about our nutrigenomic testing. Our webinars feature most of the DNA testing panels we offer and we have more on the way. You can find all the webinars we offer on the GX Sciences website here: https://www.gxsciences.com/webinars-s/195.htm. Please note that you must be logged in as a Provider to view and access the webinars. Tune in today with Dr. Kendal Stewart and GX Sciences at http://www.GXSciences.com.

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